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Mo’Nique isn’t done having her say when it comes to Lee Daniels. During a recent interview with Sway, Mo’Nique came with proof in hand that Daniels wanted her to play Cookie Lyon on Empire.

The proof is in the email (pudding) according to Mo’Nique. Apparently Daniels, through his assistant, sent emails to Mo’Nique last year and expressed that he wanted her as ‘Cookie’.

Fast forward to the 4:50 mark for the receipts being pulled out.

Mo’Nique also stated that Danny Strong basically called her a liar during interviews when she said Daniels approached her about the role and right now her proof is about principle and not resentment.

I have to give it to Mo’Nique, when people are doubting you, bring proof.

But now, just let it go.

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