Actor Michael Beach’s wife, Elisha Wilson Beach, recently posted a breastfeeding photo on Instagram that has gotten people riled up. The teacher and artist wanted to show how hectic the life of a mother can be and when duty calls, you listen, no matter where you are.

But others didn’t see it that way.


“So disgusting, see photo of a mother breastfeeding her child while using the toilet,” said one Twitter user.

“I would never ever breastfeed my child in the bathroom. It’s unsanitary regardless,” said Facebook user Amanda Martin.

But there were other moms who understood the photo.

“This pretty much sums up mommyhood,” said Facebook user Katrina L Pleasant-Wheatley.

And more to the point:

‘To the people calling this unsanitary or gross, most people brush their teeth in the bathroom and leave their toothbrushes in the bathroom. How is this gross and not that? Breasts are way more sanitary in the bathroom than your toothbrushes,” said Alicia Ringsaker.

Wilson Beach responded appropriately to her critics: “This is motherhood and it ain’t always pretty.”


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