Apparently someone had a lot of time on their hands to even make a video about Black women only being submissive to white men. The video has made its way around social media and amazingly, some people seem to actually believe the same thing.

Take a look at the video, featuring interracial couples:

Now personally, I know this isn’t true. A woman is submissive to whomever she chooses to be submissive to, regardless of their ethnicity. But why is this even a question to be posed? Is the make of the video mad because they can’t find themselves a submissive Black woman?

Honestly, I see nothing wrong in a woman who wants to be submissive, but let’s just say that it’s not in my genetic make-up.

Clutchettes, what do you think about the notion of Black women only being submissive to white men?

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  • Lisa547

    I have a good man so I am a supportive woman. I’ve never dated a black man, they are not my type, so my relationship and its dynamics has nothing to do with black men.

  • LisaQ

    Well, I wrote a blog about, wanna read it, here it goes…


  • SamyyCiao

    Over the last 5 years there are more and more black women dating white men – it is fact that a lot of PC folks ignore. I think the reason is many so called liberated single white women in business (many in the media) detest the white man and love to think it is cool to have sex with black men. No issues from me. Same goes for black women toward black men – the big change is black women are now dating and having sex in droves with white men of all ages and does not hurt if you are a white man with $, and lots are! Times are a changing – quickly – black women are more and more in control of their future and their ability to date both white and black men is increasingly on par with white women. Check the malls, movie theaters, sporting events, supermarkets and see how many black women are with white men. It is safe to way that white women have treated white men **itty and black women the same toward black men. Black women in business, college, self employed or working in Department Stores and fast food are looking for white men – it is a fact and just great for white men!