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Bruce Jenner and many other Olympic athletes inspired me when it came to track and field. I remember seeing him on commercials and the Wheaties box, then watching old field events footage. From javelin, shot put to discus, I admired Jenner’s athletic ability and pursed those events throughout high school and college. So as I sat and watched his interview with Diane Sawyer, I felt at ease knowing he was finally able to speak his truth.

His truth, even though in his 60’s, is something that a lot of people still can’t come to terms with for themselves. Forget the fact that he was once part of the attention whoring Kardashian franchise, but if you take a look at his other children, they proved that family will show support.

Of course there are people who won’t accept the fact that Jenner is transitioning to a woman. Just like I won’t accept the fact that he still believes his Christian Republicans will accept him. He’s in a for a rude awakening for sure. But I have to give it to Jenner for being brave and allowing his story to be told.

Some say his story was pulled out because of the paparazzi, and that may be the case. But in all actuality, he may have helped someone who was watching his interview Friday night. He helped me to understand a lot more the difference between gender and sexuality. They don’t go hand in hand. He also helped me to understand that no matter what age, or how long you’ve been living a certain life, it’s never to late to speak your truth.

Bruce Jenner will always be one of the greatest athletes alive, regardless of his gender.

Clutchettes, did you watch Bruce Jenner’s interview? What did you think about it?

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  • GeekMommaRants

    There is such a thing called an hermaphrodite this is someone born with male and female body parts. This is just nature. Biology is something e everyone needs to know. Human Biology teaches how the human body functions.

  • G

    You know what? Bruce’s actions appear to be real. And if this interview can help transgender individuals, then this is indeed a wonderful thing.

    But this family are such a group of fame whores, not to mention Bruce’s upcoming reality show, until I just can’t help but feel the public has been, yet again royally played by the Kardashian Klan.

  • Tony

    Once he has done transitioning to woman, will he be able to give birth?