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Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake isn’t garnering any new fans, especially after a press conference when she labeled rioters ‘thugs’. Many people were amazed that those words would come out of Blake’s mouth, especially since she’s a black woman and one who should know about ‘coded’ language white people like to throw around. The thugs that she should have been referring to should have been the 6 officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.

Blake, who has seemingly failed Baltimore, is just another cog in the cycle of corruption the city is known for. Hell, every season of The Wire was based on.

It’s somewhat embarrassing to have a black woman in such a high position of power, who doesn’t even realize the words she uses are damaging. The people who had high hopes for Blake when she took office, have been let down in a big way.

Clutchettes, what do you think of Blake’s comments?

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  • It just recently came to my attention that the mainstream media commonly uses the words thugs and ghetto when describing black peoples living situations and black people. In the movie The Interview I believe James Francos character confronted a journalist saying thugs was just a filler for the word they wanted to use, the N word. It’s deplorable that such degrading language has become acceptable for describing poc. Can you imagine if the news showed white criminals and called them all rednecks? With that said the major is an idiot pure and simple, anyone using that language especially misguided poc who use those words against their own people are self hating idiots.

  • Respect continue harasse and deny. Progess Black society there failures. Criminals hiding behind facade. Heritage bring Baltimore employment you can’t.
    Mike Gill Dept.of Business and Economic Development. Maryland eager devise jobs
    of west Baltimore. Whom detering growth establ

  • ScorpioKelvin2

    Thugs are Thugs, regardless of what racial background they are from. This just so happens to be Blacks/African Americans who are in the “spot light” and a Mayor of the same ethnic group.
    She didn’t place any specific race in her statement when calling the perpetrators out as Thugs. She stated it in the PLURAL sense, which, can and could be applicable to past, present and future individuals of this behavior and character, whom demonstrates this behavior.
    A Thug is a tough [@ least think they are] and violent Man [or Woman] who commits a criminal act, who feels that have the moral duty to dictate how one should live. Formally a gangs origin from INDIA who murders victims for various reasons ordered by a leader. Nothing is wrong with Her-TRUE- statement of the acts that occurred in Baltimore.
    The two bombers that injured and killed innocent participants and by standers during the Boston Race, were two calculated THUGS! We need to get over the fact of leaders speaking their truth of matters and appreciate their candor[ as long as it’s not vulgar], rather than those who are lying to us all the time over matters that affect our lives.
    K. Parks, chgo.

  • hernan cortez

    White government agents murder innocent blacks, blacks uprise against state sanctioned murdered, blacks are thugs. arab government agents murder innocent arabs in libya, libyans uprise against state santioned murdered, libyan liberators are praised by white media and given weapons from the us government.