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Last week, Kendrick Lamar announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Whitney Alford. Even though he received tons of ‘congratulatory’ remarks, once the dust settled, people have a few things on their minds. And once again, the subject of colorism came up.

How could someone so ‘righteous’ parade around with a racially ambiguous woman, many wondered? Was Lamar just another color-struck Black man? Others asked.

Well, the first question may be easier to answer than the last. One producer/rapper attempted to do so when he posted a photo of Eldridge Cleaver. 9th Wonder thought a photo of Cleaver and his wife, Kathleen, would answer everyone’s questions about Lamar being self-hating and chasing light-skinned women. He asked if Cleaver would be called a sell-out too?


But actually, no.

That’s not a good example. Cleaver, who was a known rapist of white woman, is basically the type of person people are trying to say Lamar is. The lighter the berry, the sweeter the juice. Even Kathleen Cleaver spoke out against how men in the Black Power Movement specifically sought after lighter skinned women, because of their own ‘light is right’ issues.

Back to Lamar and his fiancée. Alford has always defined herself as being a Black woman. Her mother is biracial and her father is Black. It’s not her fault she’s light. But if people looked at Lamar’s ex-girlfriend Sherane, whom he rapped about in his first album, it refutes the claims that he could be colorstruck:


Yes, colorism exists when it comes to dating preferences. Yes, there are those Black men and women who specifically seek out lighter counterparts, but who can say if that’s Lamar’s ideology?

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