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Not everyone is happy with their favorite singers now taking part in Tidal. Tidal, which was started by Jay Z, is the first music streaming service owned by artists, and has come under fire recently for their prices. With subscriptions ranging from 9.99 to 19.99, the higher level of service is more expensive than Spotify and Pandora. Also, some people feel that it won’t promote lesser known artists like other services.

Rihanna, who is one of the artist-owners, definitely has a few fans outraged and one posted his feelings on her Instagram page.


The funny thing about it, he’s not the only one who has expressed similar feelings. In defense of his company, Jay Z attempted to further explain the purpose of Tidal in an interview with The Fader.

How does TIDAL tend to shift its current perception as a pretentious, self-serving platform for the musical elite, to one referencing the brand essence of being all and for all artists?

“I guess by having a conversation, and telling people what it is. That opinion came before we even explained what it was — “This thing is horrible! … What is it?” You know? You never hear Tim Cook’s net worth whenever he tries to sell you something. Steve Jobs, God bless, he had to have been pretty rich — nobody’s ever said, “Oh, the rich getting richer! I won’t buy an iPhone!” Yeah, right. It’s not about being pretentious; again, this is a thing for all artists. You pay $9.99 for Spotify, so why not $9.99 for TIDAL. We’re not asking for anything else, we’re just saying that we’ll spread that money to artists more fairly. We’re not saying anything other than that, and we’re saying that we’re in a position to bring light to this issue. We’re using our power that way. And of course there are greater causes, of course. This is not mutually exclusive — there are other problems, real problems going on in the world. We don’t miss the problems; we try to take care of them all. Imagine the President: he has to take care of ISIS, gay rights, equal pay for women, discrimination — all at the same time! So, you can’t say “You started this site when you should be out in St. Louis!” It’s like, okay, J. Cole is out in St. Louis. I wasn’t in St. Louis, but I was in the governor’s office. Because, we can march all day long but if the laws don’t change, then we’ll be marching again and it’ll just be a different slogan on the shirt, and that’s a greater tragedy as well. Everyone has to play their part, everyone has to do different things, and it all has to happen at the same time,” Jay Z stated.

Basically, more money for the starving artists, who really aren’t starving. But those indie artists? Well, they’ll have to continue to eat ramen noodles from Pathmark.

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