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During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens LiveClint Eastwood’s actor and model son, Scott Eastwood, opened up about the type of woman he finds attractive. Eastwood told the host that he liked women who are “mixed” because he likes a little “flavor.”

Now, some people take issue with his statement because it seems to fetishize women. So flavor only happens when you’re ‘mixed’?

How about Lupita Nyong’o? Do you think Eastwood would find her attractive, because we all know she has ‘flavor’. Or is ‘flavor’ in his opinion only a quality that can be possessed by the likes of Halle Berry and Paula Patton?

Or does any of it matter. People like what they like?

Maybe young Eastwood has similar tastes like his father, who recently got divorced from his ‘mixed’ wife of over 10 years.


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