Solange Knowles’ business partner Armina Mussa was stabbed 10 times earlier this week in New Orleans.

Police arrested and charged suspect Arronesia Christophe with attempted second-degree murder following the incident on Wednesday, April 8. Christophe claimed that she was attacked first by Mussa and was acting in self-defense. She grabbed a small folding knife when Mussa, 24, began to allegedly yell at her.

From NOLA:


Arronesia Christophe, 26

Christophe claimed that she had arrived at a high school friend’s home about 6:45 p.m. when Mussa, who Christophe said was her friend’s ex-girlfriend, came out of the house and began yelling at her to leave, the documents show. Records show Mussa lives at the Derbigny Street home.

Christophe reportedly said, “We’re just friends, why do I have to leave?” Records show Christophe said she then grabbed a small folding knife from the center console of her car and told Mussa to “get back,” and to “please back away,” but claimed Mussa continued to yell at her.

Mussa then began punching Christophe, the arrested woman told police. Christophe said she was being pulled by her hair to the ground when she began swinging her knife at Mussa, who she claims continued to punch her.

“(Christophe) stated she did not think she had stabbed the victim due to the harder thrown punches that she received from the victim,” Dejernette wrote in her report.

Christophe said she finally stopped swinging the knife when Mussa stepped back and said, “you stabbed me,” records show. After police were called, Christophe stayed on the scene and remained on the phone with a 911 dispatcher until the officers arrived, the record says.

Mussa is the project director for Knowles’ brand Saint Heron and co-owner of the French Quarter boutique Exodus Goods. According to New Orleans’ Times-Picayune newspaper, Knowles, 28, was in attendance for Chrisophe’s court appearance.

Image Credit: Getty Images/NOLA

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