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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz


Talk about #racetogether? Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz announced this week that the coffee chain plans on opening a store in Ferguson, Missouri.

Schultz said the new store is a  “way to create employment” in the St. Louis suburb, according to Fortune.

Currently there is no timeline as to when the store will open, but with low unemployment rates, this could be a good thing for Ferguson. Don’t forget Starbucks also provides its employees with its College Achievement Plan.

Only time will tell if this will end up being something good for Ferguson, or just another way for Starbucks to continue its coffee domination.

Image Credit: Reuters 

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  • Anthony

    That’s good public relations, and they might make money too. The area of the riots is a very busy place.

  • Belle

    This news is bittersweet. It’s true that it could really help create jobs and with the employee achievement plan, it could really be beneficial to the residents. But we all know, wherever Starbucks opens the next wave of gentrifiers follow. But time will tell I guess.

    • Anthony

      Gentrification is already a subtext in Ferguson. Ferguson has a much larger percentage of whites than its neighboring communities, and probably one of the reasons Ferguson police wrote so many tickets was to make up revenue that the city was afraid to squeeze out of white property owners. Starbucks could be signal that the corporate class has decided it would be easier just to remove blacks altogether.

    • G

      As you already know, I’m in agreement. But I’ll say this, thus far this is more than any other major retailer has done. I know Starbucks has the intention of making money, but so many major retailers, ignore the Black community, and that only serves to dehumanize us even more.

      Now we both know, that the real problem is the local government . . . . corrupt. But then this is the land of the Border Wars, Bloody Kansas, Bloody Quantrill

      What else can you expect , this is how they roll.

  • It remains to be seen what the future result of the Starbucks store being opened will do for the community of Ferguson. One thing is clear. The status quo can’t remain in American society. Gentrification, massive income inequality, and police terrorism has not worked in our communities. Ferguson needs real, transformative change. Economic development doesn’t just deal with the development of one store. It deals with a community developing their own enterprises and controlling their own destinies (including growing their power. The power of the masses of the people ought to be harnessed without any submission to oligarchical interests).

  • Rizzo

    smart move, especially for those interested in college. the benefits and perks are not bad either. it is a pretty good start while working towards that dream job.