Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.24.49 AMnew study by the  Center for Talent Innovation founds out something that we’ve known all along. Black women are ambitious and want powerful careers. Also, it states that Black women don’t lack the confidence or abilities to find to the job we’re tasked with.

According to the study, 22% of Black women surveyed said they wanted a powerful and successful career, compared to only 8% of white women. On top of that, 43% of Black women surveyed believe they will succeed in doing so. But on the flip-side, 50% of lack women surveyed said they feel their advancement on the job is slow, whereas only 28% of white women feel that way.

“Black women are committed and motivated to attain a powerful position not only in their workplaces, but also in their communities,” said Center for Talent Innovation CEO Sylvia Ann Hewlett in a press release.

The report also noted that because of the slow advancement in careers, Black women are always trying to find ways to have their voices heard, which is why companies should figure out how to reach Black women.

“With their vision, commitment and leadership experience,” Hewlett said, “Black women represent a pool of would-be executives that multinational companies can ill-afford to underutilize.”

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