Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.24.49 AMnew study by the  Center for Talent Innovation founds out something that we’ve known all along. Black women are ambitious and want powerful careers. Also, it states that Black women don’t lack the confidence or abilities to find to the job we’re tasked with.

According to the study, 22% of Black women surveyed said they wanted a powerful and successful career, compared to only 8% of white women. On top of that, 43% of Black women surveyed believe they will succeed in doing so. But on the flip-side, 50% of lack women surveyed said they feel their advancement on the job is slow, whereas only 28% of white women feel that way.

“Black women are committed and motivated to attain a powerful position not only in their workplaces, but also in their communities,” said Center for Talent Innovation CEO Sylvia Ann Hewlett in a press release.

The report also noted that because of the slow advancement in careers, Black women are always trying to find ways to have their voices heard, which is why companies should figure out how to reach Black women.

“With their vision, commitment and leadership experience,” Hewlett said, “Black women represent a pool of would-be executives that multinational companies can ill-afford to underutilize.”

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  • Love.tweet.joi

    You know, if they would just get out of my way, I couldve made it by now. Ive had to transfer offices and quit companies in order to move up…and it’s always some BS along the way because I fxcked up and wore my hair natural to work. Cant never do that ish again until I at least have my masters. THEN Im going to probably have to go by Joi, my middle name (which I forget to respond to), apply with my BA only on my resume for a position I’m secretly overqualified for, then apply for a position in another dept and slap my MS in Finance back on my resume to let them know that if they try to slight me this time Im gonna sue the fxck out of them! Corporate America is hard work and not only do I have to be more ambitious, I have to be more strategic as well! And this goes for CA, I still havent figured out a strategy for racist az TX!

    • K Lust

      California is not a game tho! How is Texas? I need a change of scenery lol.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      I’m GLAD YOU ASKED (LOL)….

      Cost of Living: TX pays the same as CA for the most part and the rent is 1/3 of the price. Apartments are extremely easy to get for as little as 500/mo. Two bedroom as little as 600/mo. Super Walmart open 24 hours with in a mile of everyone (it seems). Walmart is EVERYTHING, it’s groceries, check cashing, nail salon, photo studio, pharmacy, hair salon and clothes if needed. I recommend N. Dallas/Plano because it is the least country. You can stay in an extended stay for 200/wk and they are nice. There are no sidewalks and no one walks more than a block, ever.

      Weather: The emergency broadcast system doesn’t do tests in Dallas. Ever. There’s usually a flash flood warning. In Dallas, the risk of tornado changes by neighborhood. In N. Dallas, a tornado had not touched down in 20 years. Summer is like Vegas with thunder storms that starts and stops with little warning. Winter is cold, but not New York cold and pretty easy to get used to. It rarely ever snows and there’s one ice storm every two years around February. Everything shuts down when there’s an ice storm and it lasts for 3-5 days max.

      Jobs: All the retail locations you are used to seeing in CA are actually corporate offices in Dallas. So at first you are gonna feel like you have arrived in the promise land. We can out interview anyone in TX (white people included) and that makes it easy pickins (to be completely honest) but it also makes us a huge threat. They have lots of job fairs, and I’ve seen people bring their babies! They ‘might actually’ hate us for being Californians more than they hate us for being black. In order to weed us out, they credit check for every single permanent position, calling it a background check. They hold “the good jobs” for their own kind/locals and there’s a lot of nepotism. Most black people in Dallas are jumping from one 3 month to 12 month contract position to the next. They don’t have wrongful termination laws, they can fire you just because they don’t like you. They have anti-discrimination laws and if they think you might sue them later, they just won’t hire you permanent in the first place.

      Culture: Overall, people in Dallas are constantly fearful of everyone in authority…managers, government. Higher ups don’t talk to those beneath them. There is constant police presence everywhere, all the time. People are arrested for things that we get away with in CA. Skipping jury duty, unpaid tickets…those things could result in an officer showing up at your job and arresting you. Everyone is afraid to do anything against the rules. They cannot and will not keep a secret or tell a lie to anyone in authority because it is against the bible. Neighbors are very nosy, helpful and needy at times and they will ask you anything and for anything. If you ask them for anything, they will do/give it just because you asked.

    • K Lust

      WOW really? You’re about to make me move out there! Are Houston and Austin the same as Dallas with all that you described above?
      I work in advertising and do have a very small finance background. I just moved to LA for a promotion, but I’m def over it already lol.

      One more question…how are the menz?

      Growing up in CA and being here as an adult in the dating world has been daunting to say the least.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      I know absolutely nothing about Houston and Austin. Many articles have been written lately about how black people are leaving Austin because they can’t find other black people there. Also, Austin is expensive…like LA expensive. Houston is better and supposed to be good as far as jobs and culture. A friend of mine had an ex who worked in the oil mines and made a killing. I kind of wish I had checked it out but Dallas to Houston is like driving from SF to LA.
      As far as the men go, they are good with fixing things and they take care of you (more than you are probably comfortable with). I want you to count how many times a guy has bought you a drink in CA. That number was quadrupled in TX. Heck, I started dating the owner of one spot and I could go in there anytime I wanted and order food/drinks on him. Guys aren’t used to our type of ambition, so they will help you with anything you need if you are having a hard time. The same guy asked his friend to fix my car and paid for parts, took me to work while my car was in the shop, helped me move into my new apartment and bought me a television for my birthday. We were platonic (before the TV LOL). I was there two years and I can honestly say that I would probably have gotten married to one of those guys.

    • K Lust

      Oh wow! Yeah I dont think a guy from CA has EVER bought me a drink before. Guys have bought me drinks in the south. I went to college in NC so southern hospitality is real in these streets. Dallas sounds like a damn dream come true. Some CA guys act like being ambitious is a bad thing so that’s good to hear.

      Hmmm, Im literally rubbing my chin lol. I may need to send out some resumes and come check Dallas out. Thank you for this info!

    • Love.tweet.joi

      You wont get calls with CA address on resume. If you lie and say youre there, you’ll have an interview Thursday. I got called on Friday for an interview on Tuesday. Only reason the interview wasnt Monday is bc Monday was a holiday. I was working in Dallas in less than two weeks.

    • K Lust

      Aww man, so did you know someone in TX before you moved? Or did you just fly out there when you got the interview?

    • Love.tweet.joi

      I knew someone who i had helped but last minute she decided that she wouldnt reciprocate. Remember “imaginary” East Indian who Darryl Hines says doesnt like blk women, well he took me to all my interviews and helped me find the intown suites i stayed at when “friend” flaked. I flew there for one interview but by the end of the week I had landed a better job. I flew home grabbed some stuff and flew back. Shipped my car bc i didnt have anyone to drive with.

    • K Lust

      Wow, that was so nice of him! Ok, you are giving me so much hope! I will def look into this. Thank you again!

  • CoolChic

    Other races of women are definitely ambitious but there can always fall back on their high earning husbands if they decide to take a break and be homemaker.

    • BillipPhailey

      More importantly, other races’ husbands have useful networks their wives can utilize. It takes way less effort to be successful, thus, ambition isn’t as necessary.

    • /.

      Real Talk. Well-to-do Blacks are generally more focused on internal competition than network expansion/development.