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HBO’s latest documentary film, “Tales of the Grim Sleeper,” proves that when Black women go missing, they don’t get the same treatment as their white counterparts.

Lonnie-Franklin-Hand_Booking-Photo-LAPD_DSC9362-low-res_670Nick Broomfield’s documentary takes a look at one man’s 25-year killing spree in South Central Los Angeles and the Black women who were his victims.

After alleged serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr. was accused in 2010 of murdering 10 women between 1985 and the time of his arrest. Broomfield decided to visit South Central to find out what happened.

“Tales of the Grim Sleeper” not only gives a voice to the many victims and women who knew of the crimes at the time, but offers a look at the Black community’s distrust of the Los Angeles Police Department.

In the film, you meet Enietra Washington, Franklin’s only known survivor. Franklin attempted to kill Washington in 1988. Even after giving the police a description of Franklin’s car and face, that information was never used by police. Police never warned the public about a serial killer on the loose.

The film premieres on HBO on April 27th and Franklin finally heads to court this summer.

Image Credits: HBO/Nick Broomfield

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  • Mary Burrell

    They have never cared about the lives of individuals in black skin. They let this demon murder all these women. he deserves the death penalty

  • Michelle

    I will not be surprise if (within the next few years) the media showcases the capture of a serial killer, who has been killing for decades and his victims were Black women/girls. And once they peel back the layers, they will uncover a police department whose officers allowed their bigotry to get in the way of them being decent human beings… and allow a serial killer to continue to kill.

  • Ev

    Wow…times like this I wish I owned a TV (or cable). This is sick