In today’s ‘viral for all the wrong reasons’ news, a teen thought it would be funny to use his selfie stick to film two women fighting, but his mother thinks otherwise.

“My son recorded the dumbest video I ever seen in my life,” Talisha Bradford told the Daily News. “I told him it was stupid, it was dumb. He shouldn’t have done it, and look what happened.”

Yeah, look what happened. The video went viral. Bradford’s 16-year-old son, Daniel, is seen grinning ear to ear as the women go at it.

The video was previously reported as being the boy’s mother and girlfriend, but it turns out it was neighbors.

“My son will never let anyone harm me,” she told the News. “However, it was wrong. It’s unacceptable, and he should have never done it.”

“He’s a kid. Technology nowadays, and the things people do — they think it’s funny,” Bradford said. “His intention was just to make a funny joke and put it on Facebook, and it turned out to be what it is.”

At least he didn’t yell, “World Star” at the end?

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