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It’s a sad day in side-piece history. V. Stiviano, Donald Sterling’s former side-piece, has been ordered to return over $2.6 million in gifts and money he gave her, to his wife Shelly Sterling.

A Los Angeles judge ruled that, because California is a community property state, Sterling had no right to ‘gift’ Stiviano with items bought by money he shared with his wife.

From USA Today:

he ruling comes nearly a year after the recording of Sterling telling Stiviano not to associate with black people caused an uproar and led the NBA to ban him for life and fine him $2.5 million.

With the NBA threatening to seize the team, Shelly Sterling got hold of a family trust by showing her husband had signs of Alzheimer’s disease and negotiated a record $2 billion sale to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Her husband failed to block the sale in court and has sued his wife and the NBA in federal court.

The couple presented a united front at the Stiviano trial, discussing their enduring love for each other.

Testimony shed little light on the nature of the unusual three-way relationship that lasted about 2½ years.

Shelly Sterling said she assumed Stiviano was her husband’s mistress.

Stiviano and Donald Sterling denied having sex. She referred to him as a father figure and lover.

Goodbye to the house, Ferrari and probably countless other gifts.

Who gets to keep the visor?

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  • Rizzo

    try to find a sugar daddy that is unencumbered — not married; few, if any, responsibilities — just assets

  • Robin

    Interesting: Now, I am not vouching for any mistress or side ladies but doesn’t anyone find it interesting that Donald’s mistress has to pay back his wife for these “gifts” and Donald and his wife had an arrangement about their marriage?? His wife knew about Donald’s mistress…..Maybe I am naive but daytime TV court shows they always have folks on People’s court shows with people trying to get awarded for gifts…..they never get paid back because they were gifts. His mistress was beat down by some phantom dudes (remember?) and now has to payback gifts that was given to her by Donald. And not to Donald Sterling himself but his wife…that’s messed up. She may have meant to leak out for her own intentions but did we not learn something pretty ugly about these owners of these majority black NBA teams?