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Twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer are biracial, but definitely have different features. From the light hair, to a few shades darker skin, the sisters have received stares from people all their lives. During a recent interview with an Australian news show, the host made a flagrant comment.

“Maria has taken after her half-Jamaican mum with dark skin and brown eyes and curly dark hair, but Lucy got her dad’s fair skin, good on her, along with straight red hair and blue eyes,” Samantha Armytage of Australia’s Seven network said.

Even Armytage’s co-anchor looked shocked at the comments.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the sisters don’t look ‘that’ much different and even in other photos, the red head, when she has darker hair, looks exactly like her twin.

But in any event, this goes to show that people are always sticking their foot in their mouth when it comes to race.

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