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No seriously.

I remember seeing that bullshit last year and being just as disgusted as I am at this moment. I am truly disheartened that people have the audacity to bring it up again this year. Will this be an issue annually? Black women have extremely limited platforms to shine and we lack programs catered to us. For Black Girls Rock! to get the kind of publicity it receives is an unparalleled accomplishment. But instead of some our white counterparts being a) happy for us and supportive or b) quiet, they turn the attention on them yet again. What else can you white women ask for? What else could you possibly want? Black women need to support each other because we live in a society that completely shuts us out. These are six reasons why black girls need institutions like Black Girls Rock and what these #WhiteGirlsRock supporters need to remember as fact:

White women shut us out of the equal wages discussion.
You complain about only earning seventy-seven cents for every dollar a white man makes but black women have to deal with earning even less than y’all (sixty-four cents) but that is not a part of the white feminist discussion. On top of that, you want us to drop our oppression and lift you up…although you’re currently doing significantly better than the average American black woman. You want us to give you our undivided attention? Baby, black women are busy! Oh and by the way:

White women primarily benefitted from affirmative action. 
People love to think that being of color is a huge benefit these days thanks to good ole affirmative action. Being a person of color, especially a woman of color, means that the floodgates of opportunities have opened up for us because universities and private sectors alike are just itching to fill up that quota! But finding loopholes is the American way and white women have ended up being the main beneficiaries of affirmative action. So yes, white girls rock and we have the data to prove it. No hashtag needed.

You appropriate our culture.
For example, a certain white woman can “discover” twerking (and be crowned a feminist for fucking dancing badly) and have it become a worldwide sensation when black women have been doing it across the diaspora for decades.

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  • Mary Burrell

    They got mad about the #blacklivesmatter, the “I Can’t Breathe” tee shirts and #Blackout Day movement. Why are they always in our business? If we want to have a natural hair movement they want to to get in that. We can’t have anything to ourselves

    • I feel you Sister.

      There is power in the expression of Blackness. Many people fear and hate blackness to be shown overtly in public. It is what it is. Yet, the good news is that we don’t care about their hating mentality. Black females and black people in general have every right to build institutions, to express their human creativity unashamedly, and to help change society.

    • Mary Burrell

      @[email protected]: How are you brother Truth

    • I’m doing great Sister Mary Burrell. It has been a great, beautiful day.

      Right now, I am watching the NCAA Basketball championship game.

    • Anonin

      Its like a ridiculous form of codependency. Without us who would those people belittle and whine to??

    • That’s a great point.

    • mmmdot

      ALL non-Black people are promised that if they don’t challenge anti-blackness and comply with the racial hierarchy, then THEY won’t be the ones relegated to bottom of it. It’s why we not only end up having wage a psychological battle with racist whites for the right for Black people to define and organize themselves as they see fit, we often end up having to deal with non-Black people of color who are try to push us down further into the muck JUST to help themselves up.

      Whites and many other non-Blacks basically feel entitled to anything Black people have or create. White supremacy has taught ALL non-Black people that anything and everything Black people have is up for grabs to them and is theirs for the taking. This is just a continuation of the slavery modality where African people were treated as property who didn’t have any kind of human rights to their own children and names, let alone their own possessions. All could be taken from them to be used for SOMEONE ELSE’S benefit at the drop of hat.

      This mentality is ingrained in this white supremacist society to the point that many non-Black people don’t even think it’s wrong to steal or appropriate from Black people. Hence, white people’s asinine and sociopathic complaints about something that clearly isn’t them and can’t be easily appropriated by them. Dealing with the egos and insecurities of whites is an entire 2nd job.

  • mmmdot

    Even in the margins, whites STILL have white privilege. Think about who is “THE FACE” of each marginalized group outside of those who are oppressed on the basis of race: White women, white LGBTs, white disabled people, poor whites, white atheists, white Jews, etc. STILL have white privilege. The entire WORLD is set up to allow whites to dominate and be privileged whatever the axis may be. White people NEVER seem to comprehend that even they are oppressed for other facets of identity, they STILL have white privilege. Society privileges white people in virtually every aspect of political and social life and whites simply REFUSE to acknowledge that.

    This kind of fuckery is exactly why I can’t stand feminism and as one. I identify as a womanist, where Black women are centered 100% of the time and I don’t have to be beholden to or grouped in with a bunch of sociopathic, selfish, racist white b**tches. They need to call “feminism” what it truly is: white supremacist middle-class feminism. There’s been over 100 years of these despicable racist white “feminists” engaging in anti-black misogyny…why are they shocked that many OTHER groups of non-white women around the globe can’t stand white women OR their paternalistic, fake azz white “feminism”? Because they do s**t like THIS and they completely dehumanize you or demonize your culture while trying to “help” you.