Tess Holliday was recently ‘crowned’ the first plus-sized supermodel, and at a size 22, she’s definitely making waves in the fashion industry. People magazine featured Holliday on the cover of their magazine and the cover story was about plus-sized models in the industry.

But there was one thing missing. Black plus-sized models.

In a piece for CNN, Lisa Respers France recounts the first plus sized models she noticed growing up were black.

And she’s quite correct. I remember seeing black Lane Bryant models, as well as models in my mother’s ‘church-lady’ clothes catalogs that were clearly plus-sized. But it seems as though People magazine didn’t have a clue about all of the black plus-sized models making waves.

Not to discount Holliday one bit, but:


So now it’s not only the ‘regular’ fashion industry black women have to fight for recognition in, you can now add plus-sized fashion industry.

Image/Photo Credits: People

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