Tess Holliday was recently ‘crowned’ the first plus-sized supermodel, and at a size 22, she’s definitely making waves in the fashion industry. People magazine featured Holliday on the cover of their magazine and the cover story was about plus-sized models in the industry.

But there was one thing missing. Black plus-sized models.

In a piece for CNN, Lisa Respers France recounts the first plus sized models she noticed growing up were black.

And she’s quite correct. I remember seeing black Lane Bryant models, as well as models in my mother’s ‘church-lady’ clothes catalogs that were clearly plus-sized. But it seems as though People magazine didn’t have a clue about all of the black plus-sized models making waves.

Not to discount Holliday one bit, but:


So now it’s not only the ‘regular’ fashion industry black women have to fight for recognition in, you can now add plus-sized fashion industry.

Image/Photo Credits: People

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  • PirmasensVet

    Of coarse they are you silly rabbit. You can throw in white women with big buts, big lips, cornrows, afros and bantu knots. All acceptable and celebrated. On another note, you can go to any black function i.e. church, African American festival, Essence festival and see some of the most fierce, fly & beautiful plus sized black women. No, they won’t make it onto a magazine cover, however, we see them every day! Killing it!