In February of 2014, former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice was arrested following a violent physical altercation with his then fiancee Janay in a hotel elevator after a Valentine’s Day outing. Photos of the incident soon hit the Internet and Ray faced a 2-game suspension as the NFL began their investigation. Months later in September of 2014, the world cringed after footage of the altercation in full was leaked and showed Ray knocking his fiancée out cold with a punch to the face before attempting to drag her out of the elevator unconscious. The NFL suspended Ray indefinitely following the release of the video.

Much has happened since the video was released in full. Ray’s now-wife Janay has spoken out on multiple occasions to defend her husband’s actions and justify why she chose to stay with him following the incident. Ray was also reinstated as a free agent after he appealed the NFL’s decision to suspend him indefinitely and won. Now, in the latest turn of events, the judge presiding over Ray’s case has confirmed that all domestic violence charges against him have been dropped.

According to NBC News, presiding Judge Michael A. Donio officially signed an order dismissing the domestic violence charge after following Ray’s completion of a “pretrial intervention program.”

Among the requirements for completion of the program were anger-management counseling and 1 year of probation. Completion of the program also allowed him to avoid formal prosecution on a charge of third-degree aggravated assault.

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