Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.07.09 PMD.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser is on a mission to get the Redskins back to D.C. but by doing so, she’s pissing off a lot of people. Although she has publicly stated that the the Redskins need to change their name and that she finds it offensive, Bowser has been saying “Redskins” in interviews, as last week, when she told WMAL “there’s only one place for the Washington Redskins, and that’s at RFK.”

Last week during an interview, a reporter called Bowser out about her usage of the word:

Reporter: Why do you think the name should be changed?

Bowser: It’s offensive to many people.

Reporter: Then why do you continue to use it?

Bowser: I don’t.

Reporter: You just did

Bowser: I may have slipped and used it.

Of course bringing the team back to D.C. would mean tons of money for the district, but at what expense? Dan Snyder has already stated countless times that he doesn’t plan on changing the team’s name. And even the U.S. Patent and Copyright have already gotten rid of the trademark.

So where would Bowser put Snyder’s money…I mean Snyder’s team?

“Well, I did say that I thought that RFK was the best place for the Washington Redskins to locate, and I think that team officials have said as much,” she said. “They have, in fact, tried to replicate RFK Stadium in their designs for a future stadium, including how the seats bounce. We also know that the infrastructure is there and can accommodate fans. So we are exploring — as I expect everybody thinks I would — the best use for those parcels.”

Clutchettes, what do you think about the Mayor’s use of the word? Do you think the team should leave Maryland and head back to D.C?

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  • Me

    ugh. why is she doing this to herself. how can you not call them by the only name they go by? this is why i hate politicians. she’s trying to play both sides & failing at it. if your mission is to woo the owner then woo him & stick to it. don’t woo somebody who publicly says he’s not changing the offensive name of his team & then out the other side of your mouth try & tell folks that you are down w/the minorities he’s offending. “not using the r-word” is not the same as getting things done. it means nothing when the next month, you’re gonna plaster the r-word on stadium merchandise so you can pull in revenue. you’re not doing anybody any favors by having one foot out the door. that’s the obama approach (lip service, but no change for the folks who are hurting while courting & flirting w/the folks who are paying) & it doesn’t work.

  • Me personally, I don’t use the word. I have many
    reasons for not using the word. The D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser should pick a side
    on this issue and stick with it. It is confusing for her to say that she finds
    that word offensive, but she says it in interviews and wants the stadium of the
    Washington football team to be moved from Maryland to the District of Colombia.
    Double mindedness doesn’t work to solve problems. It seems that the Washington
    team will probably not exist in D.C. anytime soon. So, Sister Muriel Bowser
    doesn’t need to focus on wooing the team (the capitalist Synder is set in his
    ways in wanting the name to persist permanently) to Washington, D.C. She can
    just continue to talk about many of the real issues that are important for the
    residents of D.C. like education, health care, civil liberties, the criminal
    justice system, poverty, etc.

  • Rizzo

    hypocritical. maybe changing the team’s name would help everyone’s attitude and team spirit no matter where the team stays or goes.

  • “D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser Says She Doesn’t Use The Word “Redskins” Because It’s Offensive” No it’s because it’s the political correct thing to do and she is pandering to her liberal base right or wrong have nothing to do with it.