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Following hairstyle trends is about as involved of a task as keeping up with the latest iPhone system updates. There’s practically a new one everyday and if you’re not paying attention, you might end up stuck in the past without even realizing that you’re not up to date. Thankfully, when it comes to how we wear our hair, us women have the ability to create our own versions of what’s trendy and even find ways to make our favorite hairstyles withstand the test of time. And no one group of pioneer fashionistas has proven this to be true more than black women.

From the sky-high ponytail, to the “doobie wrap”, to the bun, we’ve continuously kept our signature styles alive despite constant attempts from many to minimalize the value of our influence on mainstream pop culture and insist that conforming to “common” styles is the only way we’ll evolve. But no matter how many times we’ve been advised to leave certain hairstyles in the past, we’ll forever find ways to keep them in the present and rock them with effortless finesse.

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