Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs thinks #blacklivesmatter has a layer of hypocrisy added to it. In a post on Instagram, the music mogul was quick to point out that black people are committing genocide against each other.

For the last couple of months we have experienced a lot of injustice and wrongdoings to a community. But there is a flip side. Yes #BLACKLIVESMATTER ! But no one will respect us if we as a people don't have any respect for our own black lives. We are committing genocide on ourselves. We are always looking for scapegoats . We as a people hurt ourselves more than anyone has ever hurt us. That makes no sense. We as a people including myself have to take accountability and do whatever we can do individually or together to stop the madness and realize that we are KINGS and QUEENS AND Must love ourselves and each other. I know I'm rambling a little bit. #BLACKLIVESMATTER SO AS A PEOPLE LETS PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH.!!! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL! Ii LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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There’s that good ole respectability politics.

It amazes me how so out of touch some black people can be, and always aim for the low hanging fruit of ‘black on black’ crime. Diddy should know something about that, especially since he’s technically been involved in a couple of shootings (remember Shyne took the rap?) as well as possibly the death of Biggie Smalls.

But keep on slinging that cheap ass vodka in black communities, Diddy. We see you.

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  • Yofabulous

    I’m no Puffy fan for a number of reasons, but I don’t see how his statement can be classified as “respectability politics”.

    He’s not over-simplifying everything down to a “pull up your pants” statement, he’s pointing out a painful, ugly fact: Despite the serious problem of police brutality against Black People (we seem to always forget the women), I’m statistically more likely to be harassed, assaulted, or murdered by someone who looks like me. If we want to chant “Black Lives Matter” then it can’t just be when non-black people endanger it.

  • ctrldwn

    Orlando Paterson wrote a book about this. Other black historians, social activists, professors have either written books or made speeches regarding this and they certainly don’t watch Fox News or listen to right wing talk radio. Genocide is the wrong term to use but if something is not done to fix the senseless violence that is happening in our communities, we might see a a situation where the black american population will diminish as was the case in Argentina decades ago. If you don’t know what i mean, google “blacks in Argentina.” The intolerance for truth is becoming more of a problem than the truth itself. those of us who live in the hood or family that do know what’s going on and we understand where Diddy is coming from.

    What Diddy is saying is you can’t get upset about police violence while ignoring the violence that plagues your community. For every one police involved shooting, there are 20 or so cases of black men and women shot in the streets for either being involved in some dispute or for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    what is wrong with tackling both issues? Police misconduct, police brutality and shootings of unarmed men and women especially in the black community are a problem in this country and so are the cases of young black youth gunned down in the streets by young black criminals. You cannot ignore one or the other.

  • Lakitha Goss

    DIDDY is telling the truth. We do not respect each other as a people.