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Kevin Bruce is a student at Kennesaw State University, Ga., and a video he uploaded showing an encounter with a university employee has gone viral. Bruce was attempting to schedule an appointment with his advisor, and after numerous attempts to speak to her, he paid a visit to the office.

As Bruce was waiting, a staff member told him that he was harassing her and threatened to call campus security.

Abby Dawson is the staff member who has been identified.

Bruce followed up about the incident:

Bruce has stated that he doesn’t think it’s a race issue, and the university said they were looking into it.

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  • Rizzo

    kennesaw posted a response to this issue on their web page. have to sort of look for it and then click on it. sometimes i think hbcu’s are the only way to go

    • Anthony

      All of the HBCUs in the Atlanta area are private, and probably expensive. Black students deserve to be able to attend and receive fair treatment at regional colleges and universities that are supported by their tax dollars.

    • Rizzo

      very sad and disheartening.

  • GoldenGirl

    Sitting there until someone is available to talk to, until your ADVISOR is available to talk to is not harassment!!! Is she serious!

  • Myllee

    So he believes this is not a racial issue, I guess White women can do no wrong in the eyes of some.

    • _a_

      His tweets were confusing, because in one he stated that he didn’t this was a racial issue, and in another he implied that it was. Maybe he’s just having trouble processing this weird situation.I doubt it has anything to do with him thinking that we can do no wrong lol

    • princessdi81

      I agree. Sometimes it’s hard to process weird situations like this. You just don’t know. I’ve been in situations where I thought I was being racially discriminated against only to see the person treat a white person the same way they treated me.

    • _a_

      Right.Plus he’s very young.

  • Delia

    Thank God for camera phones. People are getting exposed!