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Kevin Hart is forever defending his fiancée on social media and this time is no different. Ennko Parrish posted a photo showing her and Kevin walking hand in hand and said he was her best friend.

he’s my best friend, he’s my best friend! ?❤️

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But people in the comment section had a few others words about their relationship:

“I truly believe she doesn’t love him like his wife did, and I believe if he didn’t have any money she wouldn’t look twice to think about being with him and that’s my opinion,” wrote one Instagram user.



One has to wonder if those people actually know about Parrish’s past? It’s widely known in certain DC circles that yes, she only dated ‘ballers.’ And most people probably assume, if Hart wasn’t rich, she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

In Parrish’s defense, Hart had this to say:




Don’t be mad because people point out the obvious. Parrish is no different from any other ‘baller’ chaser out there. In the words of Kanye West, “I ain’t say she’s a gold digger…but she ain’t messing with a broke____.” And to be quite honest, if that’s your game, play it. But don’t deny it.

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  • binks

    He is protesting too much so it is bothering him. Granted, I do think it is odd how people speculate and invest so much energy concerning other people’s union but if I was apart of the union I wouldn’t invest my time and energy defending it against people who doesn’t matter so…shrugs

  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Those aren’t all women criticizing him. Keep showing your colours, man.

  • i mean

    His money his problem. I wouldn’t care if he married a gym sock.

  • Kels99

    I’m no fan of Kevin Hart, but he is right. People who get mad about “gold diggers” are usually women who can’t pull a man with gold or men who can’t pull a woman with those kind of looks.

    If men with money are attracted to her, what exactly is she supposed to do? Is she supposed to turn them down to prove something to other people? Is she supposed to date a less successful man to prove she’s a down ass struggle chick? Please. She’s smart. What’s the old saying? You can just as easily fall in love with a rich man as you can a poor one.