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Oh Loretta. We were all rooting for you. We really were. But not even a month into your position as Attorney General, you’re letting a lot of people down.

Lynch thanked Baltimore cops on Tuesday for their service during the riots that roiled the city’s streets in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death. But she didn’t admonish the corruption surrounding the Baltimore City Police Department.

“I know that we have struggles, and we are here to help you work through those struggles in the way that will hopefully be the best and most productive way for this department,” she said. “But to all of you who are on the front lines, I just want to say thank you.”

Yes, thank you for tear gassing innocent protestors.

Thank you for dragging protestors through the streets of Baltimore.

Thank you, without any of that, where would Baltimore City be right now?

In any event, Lynch also met privately with Freddie Gray’s family and if these walls could talk, one has to wonder what was said.

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  • CoolChic

    As much as I admire black faces in high places, unfortunately, you have to kowtow unless you are extremely skillful. I give props to Eric Holder for stating what he REALLY felt but what he has ACTUALLY done on the ground is nothing.

  • AfroCapricornette

    Right. So should she have insulted the police and the whole city? What is this writer on about now? She is the US AG not a partisan official. If she says or does anything that looks to be favourable to any side, she’ll be hounded to butt out of the investigation just like Ms Mosby is being told to recuse herself.

  • I echo the sentiments of those who disagree with police brutality. It is gracious of Attorney General Loretta Lynch to meet with the family of Freddie Gray. She should have done that and I have no problem with that. I wish for the President to visit Baltimore and do the same. We all know the truth. There doesn’t need to be any further explanation. America is a settler state and white supremacists have stolen its land from its indigenous people. Even the Lenape tribes were massacred by the Dutch war mongers centuries ago in New York City. Now, the article is right that Lynch could have told the police to their faces that they have an epidemic of police terrorism against communities nationwide. Society must view never cops as fallible not divine. If people try to lecture civilians on personal responsibility then she has the right to tell the police to fulfill their own personal responsibility and not abuse the human rights of other people. Criticizing terrorist cops (and I should of used other language to describe these terrorists) has nothing to do slandering or insulting all cops. If a cop isn’t corrupt, these words don’t apply to them. The police institution has its origin from slave patrols and other entities who sought authoritarian control over the masses of the people.

    In the final analysis, we have to be bold, strong, and not bourgeois. People have the right to be outraged at how black people are being killed and this system must change period. This nation should be a real democracy. Regardless, we as black people will fight back and resist evil. Resistance against oppression is no vice and no submissiveness in the face of tyranny is a virtue.

  • Rizzo

    now we know a little bit more about miss Loretta.

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