WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 9:   People join mothers from around the country, who lost their children to police brutality, and protest in front of the Justice Department at the Million Mom March on May 9, 2015 in Washington, D.C.  The march, organized by Mothers for Justice, was a call to action in the wake of recent murders by police officers around the country. (Photo by Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images)

Mothers who children were killed by police gathered in D.C. on Saturday  to call attention to police brutality and racial injustice.

Sponsored by Mothers for Justice United, the Millions Moms March, traveled from the U.S Capitol to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Maria Hamilton founded Mothers for Justice United and helped organize the march of mothers and their supporters. Hamilton’s 31-year-old son, Dontre Hamilton, was shot 14 times and killed by a former Milwaukee police officer.

“This is a call for everybody to wake up,” Hamilton said as the march began Saturday afternoon. “We are here on behalf of our babies to tell the United States government that we aren’t going anywhere. We aren’t going to continue to keep burying our babies. Do something and do it now.”

Photo Credits: Million Moms March/Getty Images

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  • I’m in full solidarity with Mothers for Justice United, Hands Up Coalition, and other organizations that are opposed to the extrajudicial murder of black people. It is heartbreaking to witness how young people have died before the life expectancy of their own mothers. The death of Tamir Rice was truly evil and furthermore the police once blamed Tamir for his own death (which is the height of disrespect to Tamir Rice’s family. The city had to issue a token apology for those blatantly insensitive, evil comments). The mothers involved in this movement are right to say that Enough is Enough. No crooked cop or racist vigilante should oppress and murder anyone period. Black women also have been killed too. The lives of both black males and black females matter.

    The masses of the people are standing up and they desire real change. We need more mobilization, organization, economic power, and true political action. These mothers and other activists have been courageous. They seek economic inequality to end and for racial justice to develop. We want an end to environmental degradation and we don’t agree with imperial aggression overseas too. These mothers definitely desire working people to have living wages and for police terror to end. This movement is comprehensive and strong. We will not be intimidated. We will speak our minds and help our communities.

    #Black Lives Matter

  • TastyTaco

    Where are the fathers? All these men and women were created by two people.

  • Injustice police brutality, I support oppose racism from “NAPO” not deterred to kill
    innocent men didn’t offend those. Saying racism, not valid opposite gang violence
    D.C equivalent to cities high ratio of gang activities! Lobby for change march not going sway “legislature place measures on the ballots make neighborhoods safe run the gangs out selling drugs. Why? Others going ahead finding careers majority “Blacks” D.C living poverty lines not define,lost love one hurts gangs biggest threat to “Black society” use strength to destroy “Hip hop” and Gangs!