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Black women are losing the daughters and sons every day to gun violence and sadly, these tragedies are exacerbated by financial problems. So many people of color who live in neighborhoods that are prone to violence are struggling to survive on a daily basis, so when faced with the exorbitant cost expected to lay a loved one to rest, it can without a doubt be overwhelming and even seem impossible.

For a St. Louis, Missouri mother of two beautiful young girls, 20-year-old Anquonette and 15-year-old Tahnaizja hale, a mother’s worse nightmare has become a reality. Her daughters were found shot and killed in an alley way only a few days ago. And to make matters even more hard breaking, she is struggling to raise funds to bury them. As of today, the mother has only raised $1,380 towards the funeral expenses that are estimated will cost $10K. She writes on the GoFundMe page:

“We are asking for your heartfelt contributions to help bury my two daughters. They were loving girls and full of life and they deserve a proper burial. ”

With out a doubt, these two girls deserve a proper burial and we can help make that happen. It is important that we rally around women of color whenever they are in a time of need. As Mother’s Day approaches, no mother should be not only mourning the loss of her children, but also worrying about how she will cover the costs of laying them to rest. We can help ease this woman’s pain by donating and/or sharing her story on social media. Here is the GoFundMe page.

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