Teaching young Black girls to appreciate their beautiful brown skin and natural hair can become a trying task when they are constantly exposed to images of beauty that don’t mimic their own look and one mother has taken a creative approach to getting the job done by way of the Angelica Doll.

Created by mother Angelica Sweeting to help her own two young daughters learn to take pride in their appearance, the Angelica Doll is a brown-skinned beauty with long naturally coiled hair, full lips and a wide nose, much like the physical features many of us Black women are born with.

The doll will also come equipped with a miniature Denman brush, a spray bottle, and styling cream. These accessories, which all naturalistas can identify with as essentials for maintaining our hair, will be included with the Angelica doll as an incentive to encourage young girls to experiment and become more comfortable with styling their own natural tresses. Unlike the grade of hair found on a typical doll, the kinky texture of the Angelica Doll hair will make trying out styles like twist-outs, blow-outs, and curls a breeze.

You can support Angelica Sweeting’s Naturally Perfect Dolls line via her Kickstarter HERE.

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