Minneapolis authorities are now investigating an incident where a 10-year-old boy was pepper sprayed by police during a protest. On the heels of Oklahoma officers not being charged in the death of Tony Robinson, 100 people turned out to protest on Wednesday and according to authorities it turned ‘unruly’.

In the melee, Susan Montgomery says her 10-year-old son Taye was peppered sprayed, but before that happened, she thought cops were going to run them over.

“I was thinking, ‘This guy is gonna run us over,’ ” Montgomery said. “People started running. It seemed like he was mad at that point.”

And then the officers started pepper spraying without notice.

Taye, who his mother said is autistic, fell to ground in tears and was carried off to a nearby hotel. Milk was poured into his eyes to deaden the chemical irritant, his mother said.

Asked Thursday about the incident, Taye told reporters, “He didn’t give us any warning. He just went right ahead and sprayed. … It hurt!”

“It made me really nervous,” he said, “because I couldn’t see where I was going. I couldn’t find my mom.”

The police department has now launched an investigation. Police Chief Janne Harteau asked witnesses to come forward to aid in the investigation.

“It is critical for everyone involved that we complete a thorough investigation, so I need the public’s help,” the chief said. “We must have the full set of facts.”

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  • There should be an independent investigation (not an investigation ran by the cops since the will protect their own). This story is very sad. Certainly, I will temper my language since I can’t mention here what I want to mention (which is a much more non-politically correct to put it lightly. I am tempted to use a different kind of language). So, we have an epidemic of police misconduct worldwide. Taye obviously was a victim of being maced. One cop in Cleveland killed Tamir Rice in a matter of seconds. The blue wall of silence will cause some of these police officers to try to defend their actions unconditionally, which is a shame. The cop who maced the young child Taye ought to be punished, but we live in a nation where numerous cops don’t receive any punishment whatsoever for misconduct. Many folks doesn’t give a (concern) about the dignity of human life. Yet, we care. We care because we express profound solidarity with the protesters and those who want justice in the world. This fight is not over. We will continue to stand up and speak up for a young child’s humanity. That is what we will do.

  • Mary Burrell

    That photo of that kid with mace in his eyes is horrible. The cop needs to be punished, he didn’t have to do that to that kid.

  • visitor1

    why was the ten year old at the protest.

    • Because he is a black boy….Ummmmm Tamir Rice anyone….children are executed as well. This is still no excuse for the abuse that was subjected to him and the other protesters. We have a right to protest without abuse.

    • visitor1

      are you ten years old as well

    • Some people and things cannot be entertained…#StayWoke #Truthisintimidating #Coumpterthugsforignorance