marilyn-zuniga-and-mumia-abu-jamalLast month an Orange, NJ teacher was suspended after she had her 3rd graders send ‘get well’ letters to Mumia Abu-Jamal. Marilyn Zuniga was suspended after not receiving permission from the school.

“The Orange Public Schools was surprised to learn through recent news reports that one of its teachers, Ms. Marilyn Zuniga, a third-grade teacher at Forest Street Elementary School, involved her students in a ‘get well’ letter-writing assignment to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal,” Orange Superintendent Ronald Lee stated.

On Thursday, Zuniga was officially fired.

Orange School Superintendent Ronald Lee told said the board officially made their decision, even though Zuniga had her fair share of supporters.

According to Zuniga’s lawyer, the school board members “abdicated their responsibility” to the community and the children, and she may take legal action to regain her job.

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  • To fired this teacher is excessive. She was already punished. In retrospect, she should have just sent letters to Mumia Abu Jamal privately. As for Jamal’s illness, I do hope that he gets much better health wise.

    • JAMES

      She should have never been hired. Write a letter to a convicted cop killer. Who would think to do this?

  • Anthony

    Freedom of thought, freedom of political belief, and any other freedom, does not translate into freedom to do whatever the hell you want on the job. Just like folks on the left can get racist right wingers in trouble, conservatives can seriously hurt someone who mixes up radical critiques of our society with jobs outside of tenured academia. Getting third graders to write letters to Mumia Abu-Jamal is pretty clueless. This is the sort of thing that I would only consider doing as an advisor to a college group, I would never broach this idea in a glass where I was giving grades.
    Even then, I would be more inclined to do that sort of thing outside of work altogether.

  • mmmdot

    America has a sickening past, one which has not been reconciled, and instead of a sheepish and apologetic white populous, we have instead arrogance, aggressiveness and continued racism; the shamelessness should be likened to Neo-Nazis in Germany. White and Black “relations” are simple…they need to TRULY feel some regret and pay compensation for creating and legalizing a race-based caste society. They made dark brown skin and African heritage itself a stigmatized mark of chattel slave status. “Slave code” evolved into a “Black code” and now it’s a foundation for institutional racism or “whiteness.” Black people are STILL relegated to non-human status, but now instead of being deemed to ONLY be fit to be “slaves”, we’re deemed to ONLY be “criminals” fit for inexcusably inhumane prisons or death. Many Black people know that they are suffering from racial discrimination but they truly don’t understand racial *OPPRESSION. It’s not EVER just going to be isolated incidents of unfairness, it’s perpetual and habitual racial oppression.

    Whites RARELY feel any kind of real shame about chattel enslavement and the racism it created. *Whites don’t take “pride” in Nazi work camps but they take “pride” in Southern plantations.* They feel shame about the Jewish Holocaust which was a decade, but they NEVER feel shame about a 500 year Holocaust. Please. This country is hundreds of years of Nazi Germany, South African Apartheid, and Iraq Occupation rolled up into one for Black people. America is a terrorist state in and of itself. THAT’S the truth. We don’t need to “converse” about it anymore, we need to hold the people who perpetuate it accountable and they need to fix THEIR white supremacy problem.

    • Amen.

    • JAMES

      What does this have to do with the teacher getting fired?