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During a recent interview, Kenya Moore, fresh off of being dumped by her Millionaire Matchmaker beau, was asked about the subject of dating, more specifically interracial dating.

“For Black women, we just have to be open because there’s not a lot of eligible bachelors, that are Black, for us to choose from anymore,” Moore stated.

Forget about the fact that many people think Moore is coo-coo for cocoa-puffs, but her opinion isn’t too far-fetched for SOME Black women. And I emphasis “SOME” because we all know there are those Black women out there who choose to chase after any man, just as long as he’s NOT Black.

But I digress.

But where in the world is there a lack of Black men? Living in the D.C. area, and working in the city, there are swarms of Black men. From the military types to the corporate types to the government employees. And hell, if you’re into the thuggy types, well, there’s plenty of those to choose from also.

And you know, I definitely understand the fact that just because you want to choose a Black man, doesn’t mean he’ll want to choose you. And that’s when you say ‘on to the next one’.

Personally, I’m of the ilk that most men fall into the ‘ain’t shit’ category. And I’m not ashamed to say it. I’ve met ‘ain’t shit’ Black men, ‘ain’t shit’ White men, and even an ‘ain’t shit’ Asian guy. What’s important to me is finding that diamond in the rough who can prove to me that there are worthy men out there, regardless of background.

Clutchettes, do you think there aren’t enough Black men out there for Black women to choose from?

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  • Darkness901

    I always hear my female friends complain about there being a shortage of good black men. We are out here people!!! We have not moved to a foreign island. I try to tell my friends to stop taking crap off the men they date. That’s where you can weed out a lot of them. Ask the important questions at the beginning of the relationship. Pay attention to his actions.

    This will keep you BS level down. My girlfriend was the same way when I first met her. She made it seem like I was the an endangered species. I told her on the first date question anything I said and to be reasonably nosey. I have nothing to hide. I asked her to let me earn her trust. As time progressed, she realized that I wasn’t a bad person. She has no idea she is about to get a ring put on her finger. She actually took out the time and helped build a great relationship that will move on to marriage. She thought there were no good black men left.
    So, my message is simple. Build a good relationship with a QUALIFIED black man. Stop allowing celebrities (Kenya Moore) and talk shows depict what you should be dating. You already know what you want. Just reasonably demand that from who you are dating. If they don’t qualify, move on.
    I’ll say it again…Good black men are out here!!!

    • phoebe

      Congrats on your upcoming engagement!

      Gotta say this though, Black women are going to have to get into their heads that when it comes to men, the world is our oyster. Black women are adored by ALL men. Black women are not being raised in America to want the best and are being trained that there is only one kind of man that they can possibly be attracted to and happy with and whom can satisfy her sexually. Nonsense. High quality men of all races are out there considering Black women for their long-term partners.

    • Darkness901


    • paintgurl40


    • Darkness901


  • Makaveli Deon

    I wealthy….(okay not really) but I’m a millionaire or even a billionaire. I own my own company, or play whatever sports and made it to the pro’s. I live a very nice lifestyle that I know many of you would love to live.

    Please tell me what you will bring to the relationship if we get married? If all you have to offer is a nice booty and a pretty face then tell me what will I have from you when your looks will fade, and your body starts to sag and spread?

    In the current state of things, for some FU reason, the courts think you deserve HALF of my hard earned money! WHY?

    As the author of this article states. men ain’t shit! But I’m wondering what she is offering that is so fucken different than the next pretty young thang with a nice ass?
    I mean is her pussy must be soooo good that it will make me nutt three or four times in one bounce? Nope! Can she turn wool into gold? Nope! Does she shit peals? Nope! So what is she offering that imaginary perfect man she’s looking for? MONEY!

    Let’s keep it 99% here! Most of you are nothing but gold diggers! A man can be ugly as a motha (like Jay-Z) and you will do anything to get with him! A man can be 98 years old (Anna Nicole) and you gold diggers will look the world in the eye and let the words come out your mouth that you love him!

    Thats the man you all are looking for! Be honest! You really don’t give a fuck about a man’s looks or his body (Rick Ross) or his mind! You care about how and what he can do for you! The more money the more he can do for you.

    And please PLEASE! For the once stop talking out of both sides of your mouth. I’m willing to beat 80% of you right now have a babies daddy! Not a husband, a babies daddy! Who when you were fuckin him he was the shit. Now that he’s a “deadbeat dad” he aint shit!

    You want better men? Stop having babies by then same thug ass niggas you claim ain’t no good! You can’t have it both ways! When the nigga starts talking all kinds of game. Move on! But you won’t! Now go wipe your babies nasty ass!

  • When & Why Did Our Moms Become Less Than Human

    Hi. I am puzzled by something, perhaps someone can help?

    Who is responsible for influencing or conditioning many young Americans of African descent to characterize our moms, sisters, grandmas, daughters and aunts as less than human creatures?

    Growing up in the 60s, year after year I’d roll out of bed in the morning, crank up my 9v transistor radio listening to contemporary sounds, including a new genre of American music its artists, composers, lyricists and producers called Motown.

    My Motown musician friends wrote and performed music that made me smile, wanting to dance, celebrate life and wanting to experience the love between a man and a woman they were constantly telling me about. Every hour of every day I could tune in my radio and listen to my talented Motown musician friends singing songs praising and loving women

    Listening to these musicians celebrating life and loving women conditioned me to believe they are good, peaceful people deserving of respect, admiration and a large “Thank you” for sharing their musical talent with me, my friends and neighbors.

    What I am trying to figure out is why today, many of my Motown friend’s children and grandchildren are writing contemporary music performance lyrics that clearly are demeaning and HATING on each other, as well as writing lyrics demeaning women, our moms, sisters, grandmas, daughters and aunts, characterizing women as witches and bhores, essentially less than human not deserving of respect? Which is pretty much how greedy or genuinely ignorant early Euros characterized the African people they abducted and enslaved.

    What happened? Why have females fallen out of favor with many young people who write rap hip hop performances?

    Another question. Today when ten-year-old American kids wake up, tune into their fav contemporary radio station, listening to lyrics describing anti-social activities and behaviors their parents, community and educators are telling them are harmful to them, their neighbors and community, what opinions, if any, will these 5th grade children form about the music performers writing music lyrics describing anti-social behaviors and activities that often emotionally traumatize and physically harm individual peaceful people and the neighborhoods they live or work in?


    #RestorePrideInParenting #EndChildAbuseNeglect