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Comedians in Hollywood tow a fine line when impersonating celebrities, as many of them eventually become famous in their own right and often end up in the same place with the object of their jokes. This was the case for Saturday Night Live new comer Sasheer Zamata, who came face-to-face with Rihanna last weekend after portraying the singer multiple times in skits for the show.

“We had had a good night after the dress rehearsal, and she turned around and saw me and she was like ‘Hey!’ and she gave me a hug,” Sasheer told People about her run-in with Rih-Rih during her guest appearance on last weekend’s SNL episode. However, she then went on to describe a second interaction with Rihanna that was apparently less than she’d hoped for.

“Then she got drunker progressively throughout the show, and at the end of good nights for the actual show, I went up to give her a hug because I was like ‘We’re good, we’re besties now. And I was like ‘Hey!’ and she was like [mimes bored wave]. So I was like ‘Ohhh, wow your true feelings are coming out!'”

Sounds more like Rihanna was just buzzed and uninterested in a second reenactment of their initial meeting rather than being phony.

But then again, as the saying goes: “a drunk mind speaks a sober thought”…or gives a sober wave, in this case. At any rate, we’re scratching our heads about why this was a headline or even worth mentioning on Sasheer’s part.

What do you think?

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