A Prince George’s County, Md., substitute teacher has been suspended after a video surfaced on LiveLeak that showed him beating a student at Gwynn Park Middle School in Brandywine, Md.

A group of 4 boys started fighting in the classroom and the teacher took off his belt and started hitting them with it. The video shows students running for cover, as the teacher was striking other students and desks being turned over.

Prince George’s County Public Schools issued a statement, condemning the behavior and said they were turning the video over to law enforcement: “On Friday, May 15, a substitute teacher used improper actions to discipline students while in one of our classes at Gwynn Park Middle School.

“The substitute teacher has been removed from the classroom and the matter has been referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies,” the statement continued. “Prince George’s County Public Schools does not condone this type of behavior and it is not representative of the level of professionalism and respectful conduct of the team at the school. PGCPS works to create a respectful and safe environment for all students and staff.”

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  • K.C.

    Just re-watched this video. I am alarmed by these kids too. Why are they giggling and destroying the classroom like this? Who are these kids’ parents and how do they leave their home believing this behavior is ok? This would never have happened in my classroom because my parents were clear about the rules of behavior when I stepped outside of their home. I don’t have any schoolfriends who would have behaved this way nor do I have any friends who have children now who would behave this way. This video is sad to me. The belt doesn’t solve anything either. You are an almost six feet tall man. You can break up an adult fight without a belt, certainly you can break up an elementary school fight without it as well.

  • Batgirl19XX

    Why is it okay to physically discipline a child but not an adult?

    • Me

      adults treat kids like possessions. or worse, like slaves. since the kids “belong” to adults, adults won’t stand for anyone telling them what to do w/their kids even though they’re human beings. & since they belong to adults, adults act like they can do anything they want to the kids b/c they don’t have rights. black folks had to march & fight to be seen as fully human instead of chattle. but nobody’s marching for kids. not even the kids. b/c kids have to get permission from adults to even do that. plus they’re too small to win any fight against adults. that’s why abuse gets brushed aside in this country. b/c kids have no advocates.


    Ain’t nothing wrong in my eyes!

  • mmmdot


    No, but seriously, he KNOWS that was the wrong way to handle that situation. First of all, it was unprofessional. Second of all, you just CANNOT spank any children that aren’t yours – especially with a belt. I really feel that’s something parents or family members who have permission should be allowed to do, if at all. If this was in the street, somebody might have beat HIS behind for laying hands on their child with a belt.