In today’s  “Dirty Politician” news, a Virginia politician has finally admitted to fathering a child with his former intern after a family photo went viral.

Joe Morrissey, 57, (D) most recently served 3 months in jail after copping a lesser plea in a case involving sexual relations with Myrna Pride, who was only 17 years-old at the time. Morrissey, who already has 3 children by 3 different black women – who were also barely out of their teens, spent time in jail, but was able to bargain a work-release deal that allowed him to successfully win a Virginia campaign for a House of Delegates seat.

Morrissey disclosed the birth of the child 9-week-old child, by handing a photo to a reporter.

From The Root:

So here’s some background about Morrissey.

Last December, he served three months of a six month sentence in jail for a conviction related to having a sexual relationship with Pride when she was underaged. Morrissey entered an Alford plea, which basically isn’t an admittance of guilt, but the acknowledgment that there was enough evidence to be found guilty. That evidence included nude photos of Pride, that were sent to Morrissey when she was underaged. As well as seedy sexual text messages between Morrissey and an associate, in which he bragged about having sex with her on his office desk.

Ironically, while Morrissey was serving his jail sentence, which was work release, he was actually working! Virginia voters, in the midst of his underage sex scandal, helped Morrissey reclaim his House of Delegates seat. Currently Morrissey is running for Virginia state Senate, as an independent.

Morrissey came clean about his personal life Wednesday during a radio appearance.

“I am as engaged in Chase’s life as a man could be. I’m super proud of Myrna and I love Chase,” said Morrissey. “Chase is my blood. We had our baby, we love our baby.”

“Myrna is 19 and some odd months, the baby is nine weeks old. Sit down and do the math,” Morrissey said.

How many different ways can we express how disgustingly gross this is? About a million. This man should be behind bars.


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  • I saw this story on local Television news in Virginia during the morning. Joe Morrissey has issues to put it lightly. Any politicians and any person in general should express decorum, professionalism, and integrity. He not only sexually exploited an underage girl. He also was disbarred him for a while, because of unethical behavior. The photo of him (which is similar to the slave plantation evil ethos) and the Sister displays his whole mentality for the world to see. He views himself as “master,” but he is not master. My God is my own Master. Therefore, I wouldn’t vote for Joe Morrissey at all.

  • Brad

    Apparently the mother forged documents to try to hide the affair. The relationship became known when an older sister reported it to the father and the father called the police.

  • stewie

    He must be Christelyn Karazin’s hero…..lol

  • Mary Burrell

    And that photo is creepy as hell

  • mmmdot

    “but was able to bargain a work-release deal that allowed him to successfully win a Virginia campaign for a House of Delegates seat.”

    Dafuq? Not only do I doubt that anyone but a white man would have been able to do this, but I doubt that this pervert would have gotten off with such a light sentence if this wasn’t a BLACK girl. I am DISGUSTED.

    I ALSO have to say I’m disgusted, but unsurprised by some of the DISGUSTING misogynistic comments from the typical black “male” trolls that are making light of this situation and calling Black female statutory rape victim derogatory names. THIS kind of shit is WHY so many Black women have a problem with Black men – especially the low caliber of bitter, hateful troglodytes that habitually troll Black WOMEN’S websites harassing Black women. I also have to say that I don’t plan on ever siding with White supremacy, but I’ve given up on trying with Black men as a collective. Most just want a fan club, not any sort of partnership with Black women. No, thanks. The constant dialogue hasn’t been working. They only come out of the woodwork when they see Black women having discussions about black male privilege and misogyny in the Black community, never when there are HATEFUL misogynistic black male losers calling Black women and girls who’ve been murdered and raped out of their names. Where is the RAGE and the PROTEST for this GIRL who was sexually exploited by this creepy, perverted, ancient relic of white man? Exactly.