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In what was supposed to be a story about Marquette University removing a mural that celebrated Assata Shakur, Yahoo decided to overshadow that with a sensational headline. In the article titled, “Marquette removes mural celebrating fugitive cop killer,” the site clearly knew how to get traffic.

The mural in question was on display at Marquette’s student union’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, on Monday after a professor noticed it.

“I didn’t do any brilliant investigative journalism,” John McAdams told WISN-TV. “I just read the
Facebook page.”

The mural featured two quotes, one of which read, “No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them”

McAdams, who is currently suspended from the university for defending a student who made homophobic comments, is in agreement of the school removing the photo.

The university issued a statement saying:

Our university’s senior leadership just became aware of a mural that was created and displayed in a remote area of campus. This is extremely disappointing as the mural does not reflect the Guiding Values of Marquette University. It is being removed immediately. We are reviewing the circumstances surrounding the mural and will take appropriate action.


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  • Sister Assata Shakur is a freedom fighter who never killed a cop. In fact, one cop shot at her and almost killed her. Cuban authorities have said that they will not release Assata Shakur to America. For decades, Sister Assata has spoken out about the cruelties of the prison industrial complex, the problem of racism, the issue of class, the issue of gender, and other important revolutionary issues. Murals of imperialists and murderers like Andrew Jackson exist nationwide, but this display of Assata Shakur has been gone in a hypocritical fashion by Marquette University. John McAdams is a hypocrite too. So, we know precisely about the agenda of the establishment. They or the corporate establishment want to promote a neoliberal, compromising, imperialist society. Yet, we want revolutionary politics and a real society where egalitarian values are promoted congruently.

  • Staci Elle

    Its simple if you support Assata then don’t support yahoo. Google’s taking over anyways.

  • Rizzo

    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • mmmdot

    No matter how deluded whites pretend to be about race and racism, we need to discuss and comprehend them for ourselves. Many Black people know that they are suffering from racial discrimination but they truly don’t understand racial *OPPRESSION.* It’s not EVER just going to be isolated incidents of unfairness, it’s perpetual and habitual racial oppression.