A black woman in Charleston put Don Lemon on blast as she called him an “Uncle Tom” live on CNN Wednesday during the network’s broadcast about Wednesday’s massacre at the Emanuel AME Church.

“It is not a hate crime, it is a terrorist attack,” the woman yelled at CNN’s John Berman. “White people are terrorists!”

When Don Lemon came into the interview, he tried to brush the woman off as a ‘friend’.

“Don, are you angry? Are you angry, Don?” she asked several times. “Uncle Tom, hello?”

As Lemon was trying to add to the story, the woman kept ranting.

“Talk about the anger, Don. The President is a puppet. Stop the lies! Stop the lies — he’s an Uncle Tom too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom too. Uncle Tom!” she continued to scream.

As the segment came to a close, the woman got in one last rant.

“Black folk, get off your knees and stop praying!”

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  • K.C.

    That expression “Uncle Tom” is so beneath us as far as I am concerned and this is coming from someone who cannot stand Don Lemon. What did she just accomplish by doing that? Nothing. Absolutely zero, nada, nothing. Real agendas, real action, real solutions, real cool heads to effect real change, real talk. She could have accomplished the same thing by saying “we are angry” repeatedly. The moment you attack people’s character, you lose credibility. The moment you attack people’s character, it shows you have no other solid argument to defend so you have to get them below the belt as a way to deflect from a lack of powerful ideas to make them uneasy. Insults don’t make people question their actions. It just puts them on the defensive. I have a severe dislike for Don Lemon but if I were talking to him, I’d have some real direct and poignant questions to ask him before I got to “Uncle Tom”. How old is she exactly? Again, what did she accomplish? Absolutely nothing. She just became an internet curiosity for 5 minutes. That’s all. Let me focus on the citizens of Charleston who are on the ground doing actual work. Of course, she gets the limelight over those “soldiers” of justice. Not surprised.

  • Mary Burrell

    Don got his wig snatched

  • binks

    Ch….Don Lemon learn that day. One of the realest “non-interview” I have seen on CNN for awhile. Would I have said and did what the lady did, no but I am not mad at her. Her views and words are what a lot of people are feeling right now whether you agree with it or not but her anger is validate for the situation. Personally, CNN should find her and do a formal follow up.

  • Rizzo

    I understand this woman’s frustration, hurt, and anger. Many eons ago, I ‘had’ to read uncle tom’s cabin. If I remember correctly, uncle tom was very religious, very strong and very forgiving of his slavemaster(s). now that I think about it, uncle tom was sort of a passive aggressive who turned out to be kind of a hero at the end of the book.
    In writing uncle tom’s cabin, I think harriet beecher stowe wanted to point out the atrocities of slavery and the evil, inhuman, heartless creatures who owned slaves and/or those who supported slavery.
    Uncle tom was based on a real character, but, just like everything else, the black characters in uncle tom’s cabin, including uncle tom, were transformed into ‘minstrel caricatures’ that were played by whites in blackface which fit the ‘white interpretation’ of black people. These blackface minstrel caricatures usually, if not always, were responsible for the selling of tickets, which made money for actors, producers, etc. when they performed in minstrel shows, stage productions, films, etc.

  • Justmythoughts

    Another ignorant display for the world to watch. Sigh.