Blackattitude - Dandy Queens

French magazine BlackAttitude recently released a beautiful editorial of sisters rocking looks typically reserved for men, and it’s everything.

In “Dandy Queens,” models Aurélie Lamalle, Marama Lee, and Khady Diallo pay homage to a subset of Black men who love to look sharp. In the spread, the women the don expertly tailored suits, colorful accessories, and of course, mounds of natural hair.

Blackattitude’s artistic director Catia Mota Da Cruz said the shoot aimed to prove women don’t need to dress in stereotypical ways to look sexy.

“It’s all about the attitude,” she told Mic. The models didn’t “need the help of fancy dresses or jewelry to look feminine and sexy.”

Photographer Prisca M. Monnier agrees, and says it’s all about one thing: confidence.

“From the moment you feel confident about your body you can be extremely feminine with men’s clothes and vice versa,” Monnier said.

As OkayAfrica points out, “Dandy Queens” is just the latest celebration of Black dandy culture throughout the diaspora. Back in 2008, Daniele Tamagni’s book Gentlemen of Bacongo took a look as “Sapeurs” in the Congo; this past March, Ariel Wizman and Laurent Lunetta’s documentary “Black Daddy” premiered on French television; and currently, Shantrelle P. Lewis’ exhibition, the Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity, is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Add to that the rise of daddy-inspired style blogs like Street Etiquette and Jidenna’s hit song, “Classic Man,” and Black dandyism is finally getting its due.

What do you think of Blackattitude’s editorial? Share your thoughts below! Click the next page to see more images the shoot!

Photo Credits: Blackattitude/Prisca M. Monnier

Blackattitude - Dandy Queens

Photo Credits: Blackattitude/Prisca M. Monnier

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