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Tuesday night, Don Lemon once again proved that both him and CNN definitely need to rethink their relationship with each other.

Lemon stood on live tv and presented the world with two signs. One that read ‘nigger’ and one with the confederate flag, and asked the world if they were offended. Lemon was referring to two things that happened this week. The fact that President Obama used the n-word during an interview and South Carolina removing the confederate flag.

Over the last several years, Lemon has become the butt of jokes on Twitter and probably the butt of jokes amongst journalists. But why does he continue to:

A) Make a fool of himself on TV?
B) Allow CNN to make a fool of himself on TV?

There’s no doubt that people ‘hate watch’ CNN every night just to see the bullshit Lemon and his handlers on CNN will pull. I mean, who can blame people. It gives everyone fodder.

Take a look at what Deadspin had to say about Lemon:

As this site has pointed out before, Don Lemon has more in common with Ricki Lake than any actual journalist. He is, nonetheless, and against everyone’s better judgment, presented as a legitimate reporter. CNN allowed him to cover the fallout of sensational white violence on black people in Ferguson, and Baltimore, and now Charleston, all in the role of an honest-to-god reporter. In this role, his job is, in theory, to illuminate, to educate his viewers on what’s going on. Instead, he’s hauling out random people no one has ever heard of, positioning them as the equals of elected representatives, and urging the public to listen as they explain that not flying a slaver’s flag over a state capitol is on par with the deliberate, systematic eradication of a people and a culture.

This is a feature of Lemon’s presentations. His goal is to spur debate at all costs, even or especially when there is no debate to be had. It’s a hallmark of cable news, but Lemon sucks the most. Instead of providing news or credible opinion, Lemon is more concerned with creating a game show, or at least a fight. It’s the Skip Bayless model of broadcast television, applied to the question of whether we do or don’t think that people of African descent should be (or at least deserve to be) property.

Who am I to knock someone’s hustle? But one has to wonder, how does Lemon sleep at night? Or maybe he sleeps fine while counting the salary he receives every year?

On one hand, I feel sorry for Lemon. Night after night, he’s paraded in front of viewers and I actually think CNN heads are sitting in the background waiting for backlash. Could they really just be playing a mean joke on everyone?

But that’s not to say Lemon doesn’t know what he’s talking about all the time. You know the saying, a broken clock is right at least twice a day? He has his moments. But few of them.

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  • BillipPhailey


    Anybody looking forward to the game Friday?

  • Many news shows have promoted distractions and the most sensational not as way for them to enlightened people, but to omit the key issues going on in the world (like institutionalized racism, sexism, ecocide, economic inequality, and imperialism). Don Lemon is a person who has shown his true colors as someone who outlines things out of context and generates distractions for profit. I do find that some in CNN recently is trying to imitate some of FOX News’ race-baiting rhetoric in some of their broadcasts. Lemon also understands that Obama was saying the word in context not as a means for him to try to justify everyday usage of the word. I don’t even believe in saying that word and I understand what the President is talking about. Lemon knows full well that the Confederate flag is blatantly offensive.

  • Chazz A

    Don Lemon is not a journalist. He’s a well paid, over-the-top, tap dancing puppet whose responsible for entertaining CNN’s Caucasian base, IMO.

    • Mary Burrell

      Well you said it nice

    • Chazz A

      Thank you my sister. I gave up on the alphabet news stations yrs ago. I prefer to research news topics instead of watching the daily buffoonery.

    • noirluv45

      Chazz, do you ever watch BBC or al-Jazeera news?

    • Chazz A

      Yes, I’ve watched both. I receive most of my news info via rss newsfeeds. I’ve also found that international news sources report news from a more journalistic approach than the US.

    • Exactly.

  • Mary Burrell

    I think he was doing it for shock value. Such an attention whore.

  • binks

    Don Lemon is the perfect example of doing the most with the least at the same time…smh.