In what is nothing short of a travesty, the Dominican Republic could deport over 100,000 Haitians from the country this week, according to The Nation.

Last year, the country revoked the citizenship of more than 100,000 Dominicans born in the country of Haitian parents, and many of those people have never stepped foot into Haiti.

From The Nation:

The pope has spoken out, sort of. He told Dominican bishops that they “cannot be indifferent to the plight of Haitian immigrants.” Yet the impending expulsion will not be of immigrants but Dominicans of Haitian descent, born in the Dominican Republic, with family and friends and property and work in the Dominican Republic; many of them have never been to Haiti or know anyone in Haiti (though the Dominican press insists on calling them “Haitians”).

How many are vulnerable? The common reference is over 100,000. Rachel Nolan, who reported on the impending deportation in Harper’s, writes 210,000. I’ve also heard between 300,000 and 500,000. But who knows? And what will be the criteria to decide once the expulsions get underway and achieve self-propulsion? Already in poor neighborhoods they are sweeping up “dark-skinned Dominicans with Haitian facial features.”

The Dominican government has set up a number of centers where Dominicans of Haitian descent can try to “regularize” their status, and thus avoid being expelled. It’s a charade. The offices are overcrowded, understaffed, and the needed paperwork doesn’t exist (many Dominicans of Haitian descent were born in rural areas, since their parents came to work the sugar fields, with midwifes and not in hospitals, and were therefore never issued birth certificates).

The deadline in the National Plan to Regularize Aliens expires on June 17.

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  • Lisa547

    I went to Puerto Plata last year on vacation before I became aware that this was going on and am disgusted with myself for doing so. I didn’t have traveller’s cancellation insurance when I did find out and that point I had to go or lose my money. I will never step foot in that country again.

    The truly appalling part is that they were so nice to me because I look like “one of them.” I was always very cold when I responded to their enthusiastic remarks of, “You look like Dominican girl!” by saying, “Actually, my parents are HAITIAN.”

    • Delia

      I too feel gross that I went to DR recently. They too were nice to me (more men than women lol). Many of the housekeepers (who were dark-skinned) looked surprised to see me in the ‘nice’ section of the hotel.
      I’m not stepping foot on that island again.

    • Ann Gomez

      See here’s the thing I have about that, now in Cuba working in the hotels is big money due to the tips giving by foreigners. And people have constantly complained about white Cubans in those jobs… But seeing a dark skin women as maid in the DR is a promblem. See that’s what I don’t get, how is it racsit if black people are working in the hotel, when that’s their main industry. Like a large part of the country is dark skin black folk, so what’s the point your trying to make.

  • blogdiz

    Been following this for a while cant believe they are still going through with it
    Cant stress enough The DR is deporting People who were BORN there and their parents were born there they have made this retroactive like 2-3 generations (since 1929)

    The UN has condemned this as violation of every known convention of what defines citizenship, interestingly this is in the USA backyard and the US GOV is pretty silent
    Guess its not happening in the Middle East where it can be used to further their axis of evil “us vs them” narrative

  • Adebisi’s Hat needs a new name

    This is a crime against humanity and the international has been aware of the issue since at least 2013, when the DR began stripping Dominican-born Haitians of their citizenship. And yet, here we are today. Let’s be clear – this is anti-blackness in its purest form, disguised as concern for the state of the economy of the Dominican Republic. I call bullshit. The DR had no problem using cheap “Haitian” labor, until it decided that labor force wasn’t needed anymore and wasn’t worth the trouble to keep.