Social media is yet again targeting civil rights activist and public figure DeRay McKesson for his efforts to bring awareness to racial injustice.

DeRay’s notoriety picked up in early 2015 when he quit his job and moved to Ferguson, Missouri to become a full-time activist in the wake of the murder of unarmed Black teenager Mike Brown who was fatally shot multiple times by White police officer Mike Brown in August of 2014.

Deray has since become a notable figure in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and most made headlines by appearing on well-known political commentator Sean Hannity’s popular radio show as well as on a CNN panel with Wolf Blitzer. DeRay has most recently been vocal about the Emmanuel AME church shooting in South Carolina that left 9 African-American church members dead at the hands of a racist 21-year-old White man. In light of his activism, a #GoHomeDeRay hashtag has gone viral on social media.

The hashtag was rightfully met with cricitism from many and DeRay himself even spoke about it, saying that the trend is even more evidence of the racist undertones plaguing America today.

What are your thoughts on DeRay’s activism, Clutchettes?

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  • DeRay has
    every right to execute activism, so racial justice can be a reality. This is a
    new generation. Many in the younger generation have used technology and various
    forms of activism in real life in order for real change to come. DeRay McKesson
    is a grown black man. He has the right to go into Charleston to speak his mind
    and to express his ideals. We, as black people, will not be intimidated. We will
    continue to speak out against the murder of black males and black females. We will
    continue to oppose the prison industrial complex and seek not only an end to
    the War on Drugs, but alternatives to help those who are suffering in our
    cities and in our towns. The Brother should keep on doing what he’s doing. We need
    more independent political activism and the growth of progressive consciousness.

  • Mary Burrell

    The brother obviously has these s**t stains shook. Stay the course Brother DeRay you are making a difference.

  • But Black Lives Matter was founded by three black women…why is he the face of this movement and not one of them? What is he doing besides posting signs?