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Every so often, a positive topic/hashtag creeps it’s way onto social media that we just can’t help but to appreciate— if for no other reason than that it’s a refreshing break from the norm of insulting memes, unsolicited hatred and redundant bickering frequently found on Twitter.

The #HBCUMenInSuits and #HBCUWomenInDresses are two of those trending hashtags that you’ll find yourself addicted to without even trying. Not only does the growing barrage of photos place the spotlight on dozens of college-educated, well-dressed young Black people, it’s also a view of our young people in a positive light amidst the seemingly endless amount of negative press they garner on a daily basis.

Celebrating our young people for pursuing their education while also being unafraid to present themselves to the world as handsome, dapper young men and beautiful, tastefully stylish young women is a trend that we all should want to take part in, both on and off of the Internet. If you’re not quite as well- versed in Twitter hashtag happenings as you’d like to be, then you may also not know that the #HBCUMenInSuits hashtag is a follow up to the #HBCUWomenInDresses trend from last week that made rounds rather quickly.

Will these hashtags or trending social media topics change your life or bring about world peace? Probably not. But they DO provide the world with a look at our young people through a slightly different lens where the next generation of upcoming black excellence is given a spotlight for pursuing their academic goals and looking great while doing so.

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