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Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West little league team is fighting back after their title was stripped last year. The team announced a lawsuit against the sport’s governing body, accusing it of improperly stripping the young athletes of the national title that made them hometown heroes and nationally known and refusing to provide the information used to make the stunning decision.

The team’s attorney, Victor Henderson, stated in a news conference that he believed some of what Little League International claimed about players not living within the boundaries, but said the team was singled out because they’re black.

“Do I think race is at play? Yes, I do think that it’s at play at some level,” said Henderson. “Do I think that’s the only reason? No, I do not.”

Jackie Robinson West received praises and accolades when it won the national crown at the Little League World Series. The team was even honored by President Barack Obama.

Henderson, who was hired by Jackie Robinson West to conduct an investigation, said his efforts have been stonewalled by Little League International.

“I can’t tell you if Little League International looked at all the paperwork and all the paperwork of other teams … because they haven’t talked to me,” he said. “We contacted Little League and said if there’s information on these children, on these parents, you’ve received, please share it with us. The answer was no.”


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  • Henderson shouldn’t be stonewalled in his investigation. Lawsuits involving this issue will probably take a long time. Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, the Little league team should be given great respect for their actions in the baseball field. These kids shouldn’t be blamed. We want all of these kids to fulfill their own aspirations.

  • Me

    good for them. they shouldn’t give up that title without a fight. hell, tom brady ain’t and he cheated his way to victory. but these kids earned it. they should fight to keep it.

  • Rizzo

    race is always somehow a factor