Prominent NAACP activist and leader Rachel Dolezal is coming under fire this morning after her parents confirmed that despite her claims of being African-American, she is 100% Caucasian.

The issue of Rachel’s race initially came up when a KXLY TV reporter showed her a photo and asked her to confirm that the [black] man in the photo was indeed her father. When she said yes, he then asked her if she identified as African-American and if her parents were white. Rachel took offense to his inquiries and refused to give the reporter a straight answer to either question before walking away.

Once a video clip of the awkward exchange went viral, Rachel’s biological parents (who are both white) came forward with her birth certificate to prove that she was indeed born Caucasian and has never identified herself as African-American or biracial in their presence. They also admitted to not having spoken to Rachel in years as she “has not wanted to have contact” with them.

Rachel’s mother Ruth also told the Spokane Spokesman Review that Rachel first began “disguising” herself as African-American after Ruth and her husband adopted 4 African-American children in 2006. In response to the uproar regarding her race, the Spokesman Review says Rachel attributes her parents public’ actions as of late to an ongoing family feud over alleged abuse.

A White person pretending or attempting to identify with Black culture is certainly nothing new, however, Rachel’s position in Spokane, Washington as the president of the local NAACP chapter and a known representative of the black community there combined with her multiple stories of supposed racist treatment endured “because she is black,” understandably raise cause for concern. In one of the most peculiar incidents in question, the Spokane NAACP Facebook page announced that Rachel’s father was coming to town earlier this year in January and shared a photo of her next to a black man who has since been revealed not to be her father.


As expected, the topic of Rachel’s race is currently causing a firestorm on social media.

While this woman has likely done much to favorably aid the African-American community in Spokane, Washington, the fact that she felt she had to be outlandishly dishonest to get the job done does not reflect well on her character. We’ll never know whether or not she would have been able to accomplish all that she has with the NAACP as a white woman, but her decision to consistently deceive the NAACP and the world into thinking that she’s black makes it difficult for many to see past the deception either way.

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

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