Maya Rudolph Rachel Dolezal

SNL veteran Maya Rudolph stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers Monday night and it was hilarious. In addition to talking about her latest project, IFC’s The Spoils Before Dying, Rudolph gave her take on the Rachel Dolezal debacle.

Before diving into a spot-on impression of Dolezal’s now infamous, “Are you African American?” interview, Rudolph—who’s biracial—called the ordeal “fascinating” and admitted people keep telling her they wished she was still on SNL so she could portray the former Spokane NAACP chapter president.

During her appearance on Late Night, Meyers asked Rudolph if she’d like to reenact Dolezal’s strange interview, and the Bridesmaids star didn’t disappoint.

Take a look.

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    Maya Rudolf is probably 23.98% Black. I guess with the One-Drop Rule she does qualify as Black/AA.


    • ApMillz-CT

      What??? Maya is Half black and White! Her mother is 100% African American.. Lmaoooo! STFU

    • anon

      (her mother is the late great Minnie Riperton fwiw)

  • joe

    A biracial woman doing an impression of a white woman who was impersonating a black woman. Now that’s funny.

  • Mary Burrell

    That was funny

  • I laughed cant even lie.

  • Sooner or later, many comedians will make light of this issue. Maya Rudolph is certainly having fun doing her impression.