On Saturday, Melissa Harris-Perry defended Rachel Dolezal’s so-called ‘passing’ as Black.

“Is it possible that she might actually be Black?” Harris-Perry asked on her show.

“I want to be very careful here, because I don’t want to say it’s the equivalent of the transgender experience,” she said. “But there is a useful language in ‘trans’ and ‘cis,’ which is just to say some of us are born cisgendered and some of us are born transgendered.”

“But I wonder, can it be that one will be cis-black and trans-black?” Harris-Perry added. “That there is actually a different category of blackness, that is about the achievement of blackness, despite one’s parentage?”

Harris-Perry’s guest, Allyson Hobbs, author of A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life.

“Why not?” replied Hobbs.

“One thing that she said that I found so fascinating was she said her identity is multilayered, and that her identity is very complicated.”

Um..it’s not that complicated.

What’s so hard to see that a woman tanned herself darker, wore kinky wigs and lied?

Why is it so hard for these people to point this out? Everything Dolezal did for the NAACP could have been done as a white woman.

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