Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.10.24 PMAs Father’s Day approaches, New York Times writer Charles M. Blow claims that the statistic that says 72% of Black children are born out of  wedlock is misleading.

In a post, which some consider timely, Blow states:

First, there are a growing number of people who live together but don’t marry. Those mothers are still single, even though the child’s father may be in the home. And, as The Washington Post reported last year:

“The share of unmarried couples who opted to have ‘shotgun cohabitations’ — moving in together after a pregnancy — surpassed ‘shotgun marriages’ for the first time during the last decade, according to a forthcoming paper from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Furthermore, a 2013 C.D.C. report found that Black and Hispanic women are far more likely to experience a pregnancy during the first year of cohabitation than white and Asian women.

Second, some of these men have children by more than one woman, but they can only live in one home at a time. This phenomenon means that a father can live with some but not all of his children. Levs calls these men “serial impregnators,” but I think something more than promiscuity and irresponsibility are at play here.

Everything that Blow points out, is nothing new to those who follow the writer Ta’Nehisi Coats. In 2013, Coats pointed out that Black birth rate was disproportionately represented.

 “The drop in the birthrate for unmarried Black women is mirrored by an even steeper drop among married black women. Indeed, whereas at one point married Black women were having more kids than married white women, they are now having less.” This means that births to unmarried Black women are disproportionately represented in the statistics.

As Father’s Day approaches, maybe it’ll be wise to think about what both of these men had to say about Black fatherhood, before rushing to judgement and citing a statistic that has been debunked several times over.

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  • Anonin

    It’ll never be debunked its a go to stereotype made easy with incarnation rates. I think we’ll have an easier time trying to get the affirmative action myth out of chicken head’s minds.

    • Not to mention that affirmative action has been radically cut all across America, but people want to still promote the myth that black people collectively are benefiting from affirmative action alone.

    • Anonin

      I fear what will happen to all the college aspiring Beckys when AA is cut completely. That one from Narnia is still trying it, lost her mind and still can’t get over it.

  • Me

    sorry, but i can’t muster up any extra sympathy for bm on this issue (& i’m usually not the divide & conquer type when it comes to the black community). only a narcissist would read how the media is bashing bw & then ask “but wait, does this make bm look bad too? b/c that ain’t right.”

    i agree w/a lot of what he says but i wish bm could stand up for bw w/o making it about them. we all know that stat was made to further the stereotype of the single black mom dragging 8 kids behind her. it was meant to demonize bw while absolving bm of any participation in the status of the black community. otherwise it would’ve included bm in the headline, which it never does. even bm have jumped on that stat to use against us.

    it kinda sits on my nerves to read him making it all about bm & their tarnished reputations being the only problem he has w/the stat. meanwhile bw have been branded w/this stat for the past 5+ yrs & it seem like nary a bm was willing to come to our defense about it b/c nobody was saying boo about the fathers. after all this time it’s just now dawning on 1 black man that oow births is not just a bw issue, & now we’re all supposed to rethink the ramifications of that statistic making headlines? i just can’t.

    • Jaya

      Black women need to start making it all about us and improving our image and ignore black men the way they ignore us. They need a dose of their own medicine. I’ve been on other forums where black men play deaf and dumb or split hairs about them standing up for black women. Treat them the way they treat black women. Black women need to start playing dumb and blind to anything that happens to black men and watch how fast black men would open their eyes and smarten up.

    • Spirit

      I’ve been saying this since Jr. High. I find it funny BM want to say they don’t want us, then when they see us with a man of a different race they have a problem. I had a BM who had a WW on his arm get upset that I was across the table from him on a date with a WM. REALLY??? I say more BW need to broaden their horizons and date out, then waiting on this BM to get his ish together. I say the next time one bashed by a cop, don’t protest, don’t do anything, let them see life without the BW always coming to their aid. You never miss your water, til your well runs dry. . .

  • Ann Gomez

    Im sorry but a man can not be a father to 7 children that he has by 5 different women or any other alternative situations. You can not possible spend time with your kids if there spread out through the city plus it’s nasty.

    Black people need to get it together, and change there mind set because there a staggering difference between black communities if people find this acceptable.

  • That stat has been used to demonize every single black mother in the most vulgar way
    possible. We do know that many black fathers and many black mothers are honorable, they care for their children, and so forth. This doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods yet as we have a long way to go in solving our problems. We have a crisis in our community, which deals with poverty, lax educational opportunities, police brutality, crime, and other real issues that we must confront as a people. For the past few decades, more and more Americans have opted out to being married. The situation that we face came today has existed because of many reasons. Some of these reasons include of massive cuts to social programs (and the growth of the military industrial complex), bad trade deals, the stagflation, austerity policies, the War on Drugs, the growth of the mass incarceration state, and other reactionary actions. It is true that we should establish a further effort to grow our families and we need more cultural development in our communities. There is nothing wrong with true morality and integrity. Yet, that is not enough.

    We need to do more than that.

    We need to do more than have just internal improvement. We need external improvement too, because unless society as a whole is changed and transformed, there will be no liberation. People need living wages (when we see record income inequality), institutionalized racism to end, and economic justice. While, self-determination is fine, but what we don’t need is for some to abhor collective efforts. The worship of the individual and selfish individualism doesn’t work to help us. All of our people won’t be free until all of our Brothers and our Sisters are free. It is that communal spirit and the promotion of the general welfare which is part and parcel of human civilization. These tenets are found in religions and spiritual teachings and in other legal documents. We have to keep on working.