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After the shocking video of a police officer brutalizing a 15-year-old girl in McKinney, TX, many are wondering if there’s a war on black girls?

It seems as though everyone is against us, including those who are supposed to protect and serve.

Take a look at a piece from Professor Brittney Cooper on Salon:

But Black girls are never deemed feminine enough for their sexual and adolescent vulnerability to register for white people. They are frequently viewed as aggressors by both police and regular citizens alike, even for doing very adolescent things like mouthing off to those in authority. This is the reason why education scholars suggest that Black girls are suspended from school six times as often as white girls, because even simple adolescent forms of testing boundaries are perceived as far more aggressive based on race.

And let me be clear: Citizens have the right to “mouth off” to police. We have the right to question how we are being treated, why we are being arrested, why we are even being approached. Far too many police deploy accusations of disturbing the peace or obstructing justice to quiet citizens who question them within legal bounds. As long as we don’t threaten or enact physical harm on police officers, we can “mouth off” all we want. We don’t have to be polite to police officers, and they clearly have very little interest in being polite to us. And for those who keep demanding that we act civilly, the point is, “incivility” is not a crime.

If it were, half of America’s police forces would be behind bars.

Moreover, the violent incivility of the white women who harassed and physically assaulted these teenagers who had every right to be there escapes notice. White women have been some of the worst perpetrators of racial aggression and racial indignity in this country, but their aggressions frequently escape notice, precisely because white womanhood and the need to protect it animates the core of so much white supremacist aggression toward Black people. The domestic sphere, much to the chagrin of my fellow feminists, has long been considered the sacred domain of white women. Many a Black man was lynched in service of protecting white women’s domestic sanctity and sexual virtue. Meanwhile, white women have been emboldened by such a system for centuries to police, demean and humiliate Black people, and Black women in particular, within domestic spaces.

But you won’t see white feminists contextualizing or calling out this long history of white female bullying of Black women with less social, political or economic power than them. They leave that work to Black feminists. Meanwhile, I hope that Black men begin to understand that they don’t have a monopoly on being violently mistreated by police. Black girls are brutalized, too.

Clutchettes, do you think there is a ‘war on’ black girls?

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  • Jaya

    Yes, there is a war on black girls and women and some of our most virulent attackers and image killers are right inside black homes, churches, communities, and the beds of some black women.

    • Brad

      The other side of that is that in each of those places you will also find some of black girls most virulent nurtures and protectors as well.

    • Jaya

      Here we go again with the hair-splitting and straw men. I didn’t say there is 100% attacks coming from these places.

    • Brad

      Ok ok fair enough, sorry…

    • BillipPhailey

      Their mothers.

    • Brad

      Maybe in your world view, maybe where you are from, where you were raised but, not in mine.

  • Brad

    After a Twitter campaign to identify two white women at a now-infamous McKinney pool party who were caught on tape locked in a punching, hair-pulling attack on a young African American girl succeeded in pinpointing Tracey-Carver Allbritton, Allbritton has been placed on administrative leave from her job.

    The Daily Kos reports the two women were “confirmed” to have made racist comments that led to the party spiraling into a violent melee in which police were called and also caught on tape abusing adolescent African American party guests. On her social media profile, Allbritton claimed to work for Bank of America.

    In response, social justice action group Dallas Communities Organizing for Change launched a Twitter campaign asking BofA to take action against her.

    But BofA conducted an investigation and found Allbritton actually works for CoreLogic, a Bank of America vendor that provides financial profiles to the banking giant that are key in making mortgage lending decisions, the Daily Kos reports.

    “CoreLogic does not condone violence, discrimination or harassment and takes conduct that is inconsistent with our values and expectations very seriously,” the firm wrote in a statement reported by Dallas News. “As a result of these pending allegations, we have placed the employee in question on administrative leave while further investigations take place.”

    • Vintage

      Hot damn!

    • binks

      Not surprised at all…smh

    • Vintage

      Someone also made the point that the fat white male who was allowed to touch these kids, just an hour earlier was being paid to supervise the activity at the pool. I would bet money he is a pedophile, and his disgusting physical proximity to a sobbing teenager while she was being violated makes me believe it even more. He needs to be put on blast also, if not arrested for child abuse himself. This entire mess has highlighted so much cave behavior.

    • binks

      I was just looking at the pictures someone posted of how close up he was to this child while she was on the ground in distressed. He literally looked pressed up on her…ugh that image is just sicking and making my blood boil. I pray that this child is being looked after and is offered help because I can’t even imagine how she is feeling. I agree I wouldn’t put doubt for a minute if he was a pedophile. But this further goes to show the improper police work that was done here. Even though this child was unlawfully detained, this guy should not have been anywhere near her it wasn’t his job nor should he have been paid to supervised these kids. But I am so happy that the house of lies are starting to fall more and more on this situation. I truly hope this girl (and all the teens) and their families sues the pants off of all these individuals and the community/town. And I can’t wait for someone find out where this P.O.S works because I want to sign the petition and call in to get his behind fired ASAP!

    • binks

      Thank you Brad for the update. I hope karma reign down on this man and two women because this situation could have all been avoided if they kept their mouths shut and if they were so upset or didn’t like the scene they always had the option to leave but that sounds to much like right. I hope they get rid of her ASAP! To think of the kind of power she had dealing with mortgage lending decisions and possible black and brown people coming across her desk does NOT sit right with me at all!

    • Noirluv45

      binks, I thought about what you said in your last sentence. That’s so true.

    • Brad

      No problem, they are winning the battle at least.

  • Rizzo

    there is a war on black women, black men and black children – – black people. time to come together on this one point — monolithic thinking

  • Saramel

    Well I am happy that this issue is addressed because that whole scenario was sickening to watch.People in Germany were also shocked that these racist police men don´t even stop when it comes to young teenage girls in a bikini and defenseless.Its sad that this happened but its good that there is actually proof that black children are terrorized for no reason.