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Not a week goes by when a child’s video goes viral that was filmed by a parent. And this little girl is no exception. In a video posted to World Star, a young girl goes off on her father because he’s a deadbeat, while the mother is filming in the car.

The little girl, who is probably no older than 10-years-old, went on a rant about her father not making her a priority. She lists everything from his girlfriend, to other children, and how he likes to flash his money and cars. She then encourages her mother that the only thing they need in the world are each other.

Take a look at the video:


What’s sad is that I’m quite sure none of what this little girl is saying is false. But should it have been uploaded online?

Was the mother using this as leverage to get the father’s attention? And felt that this was the only way to reach him? Quite possibly yes, but where does it stop?

From parents shaming disruptive kids. To now kids shaming absentee parents, social media has taken “being put on blast” to a whole different level.

Clutchettes, do you think it was right for the mother to post this video online?

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