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Rachel Dolezal has been said to be many things. An educator, liar and she’s now a plagiarist. Through the power of social media and people with an astute eye for art, one user on Twitter uncovered an exact duplicate of artwork that Dolezal was passing off as her own.

Twitter user Jolie Adams posted Dolezal’s “The Shape of Our Kind” with J.M.W. Turner’s 1840 work “The Slave Ship.”

And clearly unless Dolezal is also an artist from 1840, she’s a copycat.

If you’re interested in buying art from Dolezal, a piece is currently on sale for $50,000 on eBay.


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  • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

    Did she think no one would notice that she ripped off one of the most famous paintings of the 19th century? I’ve seen it in person! It’s one of his most famous works because it was a protest work that almost destroyed his career but is was saved when John Ruskin, one of the leading critics of the 19th century said it was the best work of the century and owned it for years. I am not an art major, this stuff isn’t esoteric. Top of my head, that’s where I got that info. I think Simon Schama did a freaking documentary on this painting. Now, I can’t help but laugh at this silly bird.

  • cabugs

    You misspelled “plagiarized”

  • Sparky

    I like her claim about being born in a teepee and killing animals to eat.
    The story about being hit as a child with a baboon whip is interesting since
    her folks did live where they use baboon whips but after she was grown up.
    She claims both lies to get ahead and lies to falsely claim victimhood.
    Unraveling this woman’s bizarre psychology would be a huge project.

  • Rizzo

    lied about who is, lied about what she is, lied about her parents, lied about her childhood, lied about her children — what’s a little plagiarism

  • Sparky

    At one time she actually sued a college because she was excluded
    because she was white. That’s when she switched to calling
    herself black and getting financial aid as a black person.

    Her current story about always thinking she was black
    conflicts with her law suit!