White Rioters vs Black Protesters

After 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer and his body left in the street for hours, the city’s residents were rightly angry. Soon, largely peaceful protestors were met with a fully militarized police force, and things quickly went down hill.

For weeks, news reports spoke of rioters, thugs, and criminals run amuck in Ferguson, a city fed up by a long history of economic segregation and racially motivated policing. While those tense early days in the St. Louis suburb sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the push for police reform, the media narrative that protestors in Ferguson, and later Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, and all across the country, were “thugs” persisted.

Now, a new short by Brave New Films takes the media to task for their portrayal of white rioters and Black protestors, showing just how differently Black folks are discussed.

In addition to the short film, Brave New Films is also asking people to sign a petition to “stop using racial bias in reporting and ban the ‘t-word’ when referring to black people.” 

What do you think; should the word “thug” be banned when referring to Black people? 

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