Summer’s the perfect time to hang out your girlfriends or cozy up to your date at the movie theater. The season has its traditional blockbusters like Jurassic World and Magic Mike XXL but if you’re looking for movies that embrace hip hop culture or deliver a healthy dose of chocolate eye candy, these are 5 summer films that should be on your radar.

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  • Dope and Straight Outta Compton I can’t wait to see!

  • I have seen commercials about Dope all of the time. Dope is like a coming of age movie that describes the new generation of young people.

  • Ann Gomez

    I won’t be seeing dope, because the film disregards dark skinned women.

    • EbonyLolita

      Educate us more on this Ann.

    • Ann Gomez

      Well if you seen the trailer the only female sex symbols, seem to be light skin women. While the men appear in diverse shades that reflect the black spectrum. I just feel black films need to be more inclusive of the black race. For instance, when I watch a Robert Rodriquez film I see Mexicans. He illustrates his race in his film and depicts them in a postive way. But black folk do not present aspect of their race in the same way, they favor light skin women, but show the vast diversity of black man.

    • EbonyLolita

      OK now I get it. I haven’t seen much promo for this move, except for the poster posted here. Thanks for the insight :)

    • Allie

      I agree! I guess I’m so used to watching Black and Sexy TV’s diverse shades

    • blogdiz

      In fact all three of the female leads are biracial

  • Persephone Jones

    Another so called black movie with no DARK skinned women. I’m boycotting just like I did with Beyond The Lights.